New Albums & Singles Releases 01.02.19






New Albums & Singles Releases 01.02.19. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

The Daktaris ‘Soul Explosion’ Afro-Funk
LP DAP-049 (Daptone Records)

Thin White Rope ‘Exploring the Axis’ Rock
LP 31015-1 (Frontier Records)

Thin White Rope ‘Moonhead’ Rock
LP 31020-1 (Frontier Records)

Thin White Rope  ‘In the Spanish Cave’ Rock
LP 31027-1 (Frontier Records)

Thin White Rope ‘Sack Full Of Silver’ Rock
LP 31048-2 (Frontier Records)

Kurt Stenzel ‘Jodorowsky’s Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP CINE806LP (Cinewax/Light In The Attic)

John Cameron ‘Kes – The Original Soundtrack’ Soundtracks
LP JBH077LP (Trunk)

Bob Marley ‘Soul Rebels’ Classic Roots Reggae
LP/CD RROO331/RROO331CD (Radiation Roots)

Sly & Robbie ‘Dub For Tubs : A Tribute To King Tubby’ Dub/Reggae
LP RROO333 (Radiation Roots)

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker ‘The Tribe’ Avant-Rock
CD LORD259 (Southern Lord)

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker ‘Black Axis’ Avant-Rock
CD LORD260 (Southern Lord)

Black Mountain Transmitter ‘ Black Goat Of The Woods’ Dark Ambient/Soundtracks/Electronic
LP ABX046LP (Aurora Borealis)

Annabelle Playe ‘Geyser’ Electroacoustic
LP DAC046 (Dac Records)

Ric Kaestner ‘Music For Massage II’ New Age/Ambient
CASS   SSR0001CS (Sifted Sand Records)

Brainwaltzera ‘Epi-Log’ IDM/Electro/Minimal Synth
Mini-LP FILM012 (Film)

Ruedi Hausermann ‘Galerie Randolph’ Experimental
LP Black Truffle 042 (Black Truffle)

Jeroen Search ‘Monism’ Electronic
3LP FIGURELP03 (Figure)

Pilar Zeta ‘Moments Of Reality’ New Age/Avant-Garde
2LP LVX036 (Ultramajic)

Ahwlee ‘Life2’ Electronic/HipHop
LP UKY006 (UKNOWY Music)

The Sarcasm Ensemble ‘Through All Windows I See Only Infinity’ Electronic/Electro/Electronica
Cassette/Tape VEYL004 (VEYL)

New Singles Releases:

The Trip ‘The Trip Remasters’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” JKF09 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Alk-e-d ‘Alk-e-d Remasters’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” JKF10 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

MC Fava ‘Hearts Wander’ EP Drum & Bass
12” SPEAR097 (Spearhead Records)

Isolee ‘Ginster’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 234 (Mule Musiq)

Rebar ‘Lost In New York City’ Minimal Techno
12” REBAR002 (Rebar)

Russell E. L. Butler ‘Petty’ Techno
12” SPC-141 (Spectral Sound)

A Sagittariun ‘Fahrenheit 451 EP’ Electronic/Leftfield/Techno
12“ E-DREAMS017 (Elastic Dreams)

Steve Parker ‘Shades of the Unknown’ Electronic/Techno
12” BAO069 (Be As One Imprint)

Franca ‘Vipassana’ House
12” FT013 (FeinesTier)

Herzel + Nathan Surreal ‘Marquis Hawkes + Lord Of The Isles remixes’ Electronic/Electronica/House/Techno/Acid
12“ BIO034 (Biologic Records)

Namito & DJQ aka Quinta Young ‘Ride The Flow (DJ Hell Remix)’ Electronic/Techno/House
12” GIGOLO338V (International Deejay Gigolo Records)

Toby Dreher ‘Ohrwurm’ Tech-House
10” ADUB036 (Acker Dub)

Kiwi ‘A Peruvian Dream’ Electronic/House
12” CORRESPONDANT069 (Correspondant)

Robag Wruhme ‘Wuzzelbud FF’ Electronic/House/Techno/Electronica
2×12” H&T04 (Hart&Tief)

Yamila ‘Iras Fajro’ Electronic
LP 0F1C1 (Forbidden Colours)

Marvin & Guy ‘Solar Warriors’ Electronic/House/IndieDance
12” LAD042 (Life and Death)

Various Artists ‘LF RMX 007 (Len Faki Mixes)’ Electronic/Techno
12” LFRMX007 (LF RMX)

Hologram ‘Solstice (inc Prins Thomas Remiks)’ Electronic/House/Cosmic/Disco
12” RBDC04 (Running Back Double Copy)

Brame & Hamo ‘Celebrity Impersonator’ EP Electronic/DeepHouse
12” B&H004 (Brame & Hamo)

Falty DL ‘If All The People Took Acid’ Electronic/Techno/House/Acid
12” BBR016 (Blueberry Records)

Soul Of Hex ‘Tetro’ EP Electronic/Deep/House/Detroit/Techno
12“ VM001 (Vicario Musique Recordings)

Doug Shorts ‘Casual Encounter b/w ‘Keep Your Head Up’ Funk & Soul/Boogie/Disco/Pop
7” DAP-1118 (Daptone)


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