New Albums & Singles Releases 21.12.18





New Albums & Singles Releases 21.12.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Les Negresses Vertes ‘C’est Pas La Mer A Boire 1987-1993’ Alternative
2CD BEC5543811 (Because Music)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘C’est Pas La Mer A Boire 1987-1993’ Alternative
3CD+DVD+BOOK+POSTER BEC5543812 (Because Music)

Desert “Sense” Electronic Pop/Dream Pop
MLP/CD LC56LP/LC56 (La Castanya)

Aliment “Brother” Post-Punk/Punk Rock
LP/CD LC57LP/LC57 (La Castanya)

The Felice Brothers ‘The Felice Brothers’ Americana/Folk-Rock
LP+7” SIFE008LP (New York Pro)

Mark Barrott ‘Nature Sounds Of The Balearics’ Balearic
LP RBINC003LP (Running Back Incantations)

Perth County Conspiracy ‘The Perth County Conspiracy’ Psych-Folk
LP MB001 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Emile Normand Sextet ‘Emile Normand’ Spiritual Jazz
LP MB002 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Judy Singh ‘A Time For Love’ Sunshine Pop
LP MB003 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Beverly Glenn-Copeland ‘Beverly Copeland’ Jazz-Folk
LP MB004 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Barbara Gryfe ‘What The World Needs Now’ Sunshine Pop
LP MB005 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Stephanie Taylor ‘I Don’t Know Where I Stand’ Sunshine Pop
LP MB006 (MajikBus Entertainment)

Mitsuaki Katayama Trio ‘First Flight’ Jazz
LP Studio Mule 11 (Studio Mule)

Bruno Spoerri ‘Rare & Unreleased 1971-1998’ Synth/Library/Electronic

Alain Goraguer ‘Musique Classee X’ Soundtracks
LP ALAINGORAGUER01 (Les Disques De Culte)

Harold Faltermeyer ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Soundtracks
LP ETR084 (Enjoy The Ride)

Various ‘ Night Of The Living Dead ‘ Soundtracks
2LP WW050 (Waxwork)

Synectics ‘The Purple Universe’ IDM/Techno
2LP MPD009 (Musique Pour La Danse)

Champagne Dub ‘Drops’ Psychedelic Dub/Post-Punk
LP FAI016 (Faith And Industry)

Giorgia Angiuli ‘In A Pink Bubble’ Electronic/Ambient
LP SVT236LP (Stil Vor Talent)

Shingo Suwa ‘Mdf’ Electronic/Techno
2LP ACR006 (Acid Camp Records)

Ausschuss ‘Room 1’ Electronic/Experimental
USB Stick HR019 (Haunter Records)

New Singles Releases:

ANNA ‘Speicher 105’ Techno
12” Kompakt Ex 105 9Kompakt Extra)

Roberto Clementi ‘Cadmio’ EP Dub Techno
12” ECHO ECHO 005 (Echo Echo)

Deep’a & Biri ‘Dominance Remixes’ Electronic/Techno
12” BC011 (Black Crow Recordings)

Juxta Position ‘Failsafe05’ Electronic/Techno
12” FA-SA-005 (Failsafe)

Roberta ‘NMR009’ Electronic/Deep House
12” NMR009 (Night Moves Records)

K. Dallas ‘Future Past vol. 1’ Electronic/House
12” STEP019 (STEP Recordings)

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