New Albums & Singles Releases 14.12.18







New Albums & Singles Releases 14.12.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

The Beta Band ‘Heroes To Zeros’ Alternative/Folktronica
LP+CD/CD BEC5543703/BEC5543702 (Because Music)

The Beta Band ‘Heroes To Zeros (Limited Colored Edition)’ Alternative/Folktronica
LP+CD BEC5543832 (Because Music)

Super Furry Animals ‘Super Furry Animals At The BBC’ Psychpop
4xLP/2CD STR044LP/STR044CD (Strangetown)

Coil presents Black Light District ‘A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room’
2XLP/CD DAIS114LP (Dais Records)

Jim Ford ‘Harlan County’ Singer-Songwriter/Country-Funk
LP/LTD LP LITA068LP/LITA068LP-COLOR (Light In The Attic)

She Makes War ‘Brace For Impact’ Indie-Rock/Grunge-Pop
LP MBS1805LP (My Big Sister Recordings)

The Beths ‘Future Me Hates Me’ Alternative
LP CAK128LP (Carpark Records)

Hiroshi Yoshimura ‘Music For Nine Postcards’ Ambient
LP EOS01LP (Empire Of Sign)

Vernon Elliot ‘The Clangers – Original Televison Music’ Soundtracks/Space Music
LP JBH078LP (Trunk)

Judith Ravitz ‘Bolerio’ Soul/Funk/Jazz/MPB/Brazil
LP BEWITH039LP (Be With Records)

The Moments ‘On Top’ Soul/Funk/Jazz
LP BEWITH040LP (Be With Records)

Larry Jon Wilson ‘New Beginnings’ Country/Soul/Funk
LP BEWITH052LP (Be With Records)

Larry Jon Wilson ‘Let Me Sing My Song To You’ Country/Soul/Funk
LP BEWITH053LP (Be With Records)

UhUhBoo Project ‘Pornosonic: Unreleased 70s Porn Music Featuring Ron Jeremy’
LP ETR069 (Enjoy The Ride Records)

Megan Remy/THUNDERPUSSY ‘Danger Diva (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’
LP+DVD BOOM001 (Boom Cult)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘Snatcher (Original Videogame Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP STS-020 (Ship To Shore)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘Gradius’ Soundtracks
LP STS-030 (Ship To Shore)

Phillip Glass ‘Candyman (Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP OWS05 (One Way Static)

Christopher Young ‘Drag Me To Hell’ Soundtracks
2LP WW043 (Waxwork)

Thomas Fehlmann ‘1929 – Das Jahr Babylon’ Electronic

Drexciya ‘Neptune’s Lair’ Classic Detroit Techno/Electro
2LP TRESOR129LP (Tresor)

Maayan Nidam ‘Sea Of Thee’ Techno
2LP/CD PERL119/PERL119CD (Perlon)

The 7th Plain ‘Chronicles II ’ Techno

The 7th Plain ‘Chronicles III’ Techno/Electronic

The 7th Plain ‘Chronicles I-III Box’ Techno/Electronic
6LP A-TONLP08 (A-Ton)

Christoph De Babalon ‘Exquisite Angst’ Breakcore/Jungle
LP ACOLOUR011 (A Colourful Storm)

New Singles Releases:

Phil Tangent ‘Universal Sigh’ EP Drum & Bass
12” INT049 (Integral Records)

Kolsch ‘Speicher 70’ Techno
12” KOMPAKT EX 070 (Kompakt Extra)

London Modular Alliance ‘INTLBLK006’ Electronic/Techno/House
12” INTLBLK006 (International Black)

Umeko Ando ‘Ihunke Remixes’ Electronic
12” PINGIPUNG 62 (Pingipung)

Module One ‘Sounds, Pictures & Recollections’ Electronic/Deep House
12” ATR004 (Another)

Discrete Circuit & Mark Broom ‘MBDC’ Electronic/Techno
12” ASTRAY002.1 (Astray)

Pig&Dan ‘Reset Your Bassline’ Electronic/Techno
12” COR12159 (Cocoon Recordings)

Lorenz Rhode ‘Belair’ EP Electronic/Deep House
12” DIRT115 (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Anton Lanski ‘Faulty’ EP Electronic/Electronica/Techno
12” FAUXPAS028 (Fauxpas Musik)

Hugo Mari ‘Change ur ways EP (Ft. Kai Alcé remixes)’ Electronic/Deep House
12” HEIST035 (Heist Recordings)

La Fraicheur ‘Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Remixes’ Electronic/Electronica
12” iF2073 (Infiné)

Instant Noodles ‘Komplete Resonator’ Electronic/Techno
12” KLINIKA001 (Klinika)

Klauss & Craig ‘DJ Deep & Traumer Remixes’ Electronic/Techno/House
12” PLE65395-6 (Planet E)

Cosmin TRG ‘Brixtonstrasse/Gloria’ Electronic/Techno
12” SPORTIV004 (Sportiv)

Cinthie ‘Trust’ Electronic/House
12” AUS134 (Aus Music)

12 x 12 ‘The Primitive Streak’ Electronic/Techno
12” VDR0013 (Voodoo Down)

Rude 66 ‘The Witch Trials’ EP Electronic/Techno/Acid/Electro
12” ARMA019 (Arma)

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