New Albums & Singles Releases 23.11.18





New Albums & Singles Releases 23.11.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

The Beta Band ‘Hot Shots II’ Alternative/Folktronica
2LP/2LP(LTD)/CD BEC5543701/BEC5543810/BEC5543700 (Because Music)

Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou ‘Fair Lady London’ Folk
CD/LP MVRCCD004/MVRCLP004 (Maiden Voyage)

MKWAJU ensemble (Midori Takada) ‘MKWAJU’ Ambient/Electronic/Jazz

Various Artists ‘Discophilia Belgica : Next-Door-Disco & Local Spacemusic from Belgium ’
Disco/Space Music

MC5 ‘Thunder Express’ Classic Rock’n’Roll/Punk
CD FREUDCD071 (Jungle)

Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers ‘Down To Kill – Live At The Speakeasy’
Classic Punk
CD FREUDCD101 (Jungle)

Alan Hawkshaw And Brian Bennett ‘Full Circle LP’
LP BEWITH051LP (Be With Records)

Keith Mansfield/John Cameron ‘Voices In Harmony LP (THE KPM Reissues)’ Jazz/Pop
LP BEWITH041LP (Be With Records)

Nick Ingman ‘Distinctive Themes/Race To Achievement LP (THE KPM Reissues)’
LP BEWITH042LP (Be With Records)

Various (Alan Hawkshaw/Brian Bennett/John Fiddy) ‘Hot Wax LP (THE KPM Reissues)’
LP BEWITH043LP (Be With Records)

Keith Mansfield/Alan Hawkshaw/David Snell ‘Big Business/Wind Of Change LP (THE KPM Reissues)’
Jazz/Funk/Soul/Stage & Screen
LP BEWITH044LP (Be With Records)

Francis Coppieters ‘Piano Viberations LP (THE KPM Reissues)’
Jazz/Funk/Soul/Stage & Screen
LP BEWITH045LP (Be With Records)

Alan Hawkshaw And Brian Bennett ‘Synthesis LP (THE KPM Reissues)’
LP BEWITH046LP (Be With Records)

Alan Parker ‘The Sound Of Soul LP (Themes Reissues)’
Funk/Soul/Pop/Stage & Screen
LP BEWITH047LP (Be With Records)

Alan Parker And Madeline Bell ‘The Voice Of Soul LP (Themes Reissues)’
LP BEWITH048LP (Be With Records)

James Clarke ‘Mystery Movie LP (Themes Reissues)’
LP BEWITH049LP (Be With Records)

Alan Hawkshaw And Brian Bennett ‘Synthesizer And Percussion LP (Themes Reissues)’
Electronic/Jazz/Funk/Soul/Stage & Screen
LP BEWITH050LP (Be With Records)

Stuff Combe ‘Stuff Combe 5 + Percussion’ Jazz/Soul Jazz/Funk
LP WRJ004LTD-LP (We Release Jazz)

DJ Jazzy Jeff ‘M3’ R&B/Hip Hop/Funk
2LP M3001V (Playlist Music)

Perfect Body/Zac White ‘Fields/Spent On You’ Indie/Psych
LP BWR046 (Bubblewrap)

Workin’ Man Noise Unit ‘It’s Not Nothin’’ Noise-Rock
LP REPOSELP072 (Riot Season)

Hundred Year Old Man ’Rei’ Post-Metal
EP GZH081 (Gizeh)

Antigone ‘Rising’ Techno/Ambient

Scion ‘Arrange and Process Basic Channel Tracks’ Techno
CD TRESOR200 (Tresor)

Utopia Cloak ‘Marina Garden’ IDM
LP FILM011 (Film)

Various Artists ‘3AM Spares’ Electronic
2LP ES009 (Efficient Space)

Tunnelvisions ‘The Celestial Ritual’ Electronic
4LP ATMV060 (Atomnation)

New Singles Releases:

Various Artists ‘Beatz EP Vinyl Edition Volume Two’ Drum & Bass
12” LDVL12003 (Logical Direction Recordings)

Norman Nodge ‘Embodiment’ EP Techno
12” O-TON 116 (Ostgut Ton)

Joell Mull ‘Magnets’ Techno
12” TILLE002 (Distillery)

Donald’s House ‘Dan’s Dancing’ EP House
12” TFAD3 (Touch From A Distance)

The Golden Filter ‘Talk Talk Talk EP’ Electronic/Nu-Disco
12” 4GN3S-00 (4GN3S)

Metaboman ‘Wireless Dancer EP’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” CCS109 (Circus Company)

Felix Leifur ‘Hamburg 3011 EP’ Electronic/Deep House
12” DIRT114 (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Kassia ‘The Premise EP (Ft. DJ Nature remix)’ Electronic/Deep House
12” HEIST034 (Heist Recordings)

Hauke Freer ‘Higher State Of Confidence’ Electronic/House
12” P&P 03 (Pen&Paper)

Klaudia Gawlas ‘The Siren’ EP Electronic/Techno
12” REDIMENSION006 (Redimension)

Jing ‘Diffraction’ Electronic/Ambient
12” 126D-09 (6dimensions)

Javonntte ‘Makes Me Feel’ EP Electronic/Deep House
12” TU020 (Traxx Underground)

Younger Than Me ‘XXX006’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” XXX006 (XXX)

The Passengers ‘All Through The Night/New Life’ Post-Punk/New Wave
7” TWI 1240 (Les Disques du Crépuscule)

The Passengers ‘Queen Of Weird/Danger Zone’ Post-Punk/New Wave
7” TWI 1242 (Les Disques du Crépuscule)

Sandeeno ‘True Love’ Reggae/Dub
7” IGS011 (Intergalaktik Sound)

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