New Albums & Singles Releases 26.10.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 26.10.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Kasper Bjorke Quartet ‘The Fifty Eleven Project’ Ambient
3LP+DL KOMPAKT 393 (Kompakt)

Hiro Kone ‘Pure Expenditure’ Experimental/Industrial/Techno
LP/LP DAIS121LP/DAIS121LPC (Dais Records)

The Lotus Eaters ‘Desatura’ Techno/Experimental
2LP SALP007 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Belia Winnewisser ‘Radikale Akzeptanz’ Off-Pop/Experimental
LP PE-014 (Präsens Editionen)

Diaster ‘Clustered Non Symmetry’ Electronic
LP AP011 (Aperture)

The Ar-Kaics ‘In This Time’ Garage Rock
LP/CD WCK-003LP/WCK-003CD (Wick Records)

Alpha & Omega ‘Dubplate Selection Vol.3’ Dub/Reggae
LP/CD MD006/MD006CD (Mania Dub)

Saloli ‘The Deep End’ Ambient/Electronic
LP/CD KRANK214LP/KRANK214 (Kranky)

SRSQ ‘Unreality’ Dream-Pop/Shoegaze
LP DAIS119 (Dais Records)

The Lucid Dream ‘Actualisation’ Psych-acid
CD HAY012CD (Holy Are You Recordings)

PERHAPS ‘Hexagon’ Psych/Kraut
LP REPOSELP071 (Riot Season)

Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, Ben Vaughn ‘Cubist Blues’ Voodoo Synth-Blues
2LP LITA126LP (Light In The Attic)

Various Artists ‘Best of Hearts of Space: No. 1 – First Flight’ Ambient/New Age/Experimental
2LP 1-HOS-11500 (Hearts Of Space Records)

Hans Zimmer ‘True Romance (Original Motion Picture Score)’ Soundtracks
LP+7” ETR062-2 (Enjoy The Ride)

Harry Manfredini ‘Friday The 13th Part V – A New Beginning (Original Soundtrack)’
Classic Horror Soundtracks
2LP WW13.5 (Waxwork)

Henry Jackman ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Soundtracks
2LP WW041 (Waxwork)

Paul Williams & Roger Nichols ‘Someday Man’ Classic Orch-Pop/Singer-Songwriter
LP STS-029 (Ship To Shore)

Roberto Donati ‘Cannibal Ferox (Original 1981 Motion Picture Soundtrack)’
LP OWS03 (One Way Static)

Ozma ‘Rock And Rolls Part Three’ Pop
LP ETR073 (Enjoy The Ride)

Gary Chandler ‘Outlook’ Funk/Soul/Jazz
LP TWM19 (Tidal Waves Music)

Ofege ‘Try And Love’ African/World/Psy-Funk
LP TWM20 (Tidal Waves Music)

Aaron Drake ‘Godfathers Of Hardcore (Original Motion Picture Score)’ Soundtracks
LP WG007 (Wargod)

New Singles Releases:
Boofy ‘In My Head’ EP Dubstep/Grime/Electronica/Bass Music/Riddim
12” TEC104 (Tectonic Recordings)

Various Artists ‘The True Skool EP 13’ Breakbeat Hardcore
12” KFA95 (Kniteforce Again)

Paul Bradley ‘Kin Cosmic’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” BREED22 (Knitebreed Records)

Shoreman ‘Deep Waters’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” KF86 (Kniteforce Records)

Marc Romboy ‘Moonface/Zukunft’ Techno
12“ SYST0121-6 (Systematic)

Stranded ‘Celine’s Dilemma’ EP Funk/Disco/Post-Punk
12” OM 42 (Optimo Music)

EOC ‘The Path of Untitled Memories’ Electronic/Electro/IDM
12” (140g) MA003 (Mirae Arts)

V/A ‘Moxie Presents Volume Four Sampler’ Electronic/House
12” ONLOOP009 (On Loop)

Clouds ‘Parkzicht (MPIA3 RMX)’ Techno/Post-Industrial Hardcore
12” EDLX057 (Electric Deluxe)

Wareika ‘The Inner Spartacus’ Electronic/TechHouse
12” MOBILEE207V (Mobilee Records)

Rene Wise ‘Loud Colours’ EP Techno
12” MOTE054 (Mote Evolver)

Various Artists ‘Sexy Banana’ Disco
12” EP MGOP02 (Mondo Groove)

Oskar Offermann ‘Truth With The Kilos’ Electro/Techno
12” PLAYRJC 052 (Live At Robert Johnson)

Morgan Geist ‘Remnants’ House/Techno
12” ENV002R (Environ)

Opal Sunn ‘Parallax EP’ House
12” TFAD2 (Touch From A Distance)

Apple Boutique ‘Love Resistance’ Classic Indie
7” ON1 (Optic Nerve)


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