New Albums & Singles Releases 19.10.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 19.10.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Nachtbraker ‘When You Find a Stranger in the Alps’ Electronic/DeepHouse/House/Jungle/HipHop/Ambient/Downtempo
2LP/CD QSLP01/QSCD01 (Quartet Series)

Various Artists ‘Stil Vor Talent Berlin: Tempelhofer Feld ’ Electronic
CD SVT230CD (Stil Vor Talent)

James Ginzburg ‘Six Correlations’ Electronic/Classical
LP SUB026 (Subtext Recordings)

Various Artists ‘Running Back Presents : ‘Front’ Part 2 (CLASSIC HOUSE)’
Proto-House/Post-Disco/Classic House
2LP RBFRONTLP2 (Running Back)

Idealist ‘Mind Field’ Dub Techno
2LP ECHOCORD 079 (Echocord)

Attraktta ‘Echo Principle’ IDM/Electro/Acid
LP FILM010 (Film)

Maria Horn ‘Kontrapoetik’ Experimental/Ambient/Drone
LP PRTLS017 (Portals Editions)

Soundex Phonetic ‘Era’ Electro
LP STONEDWAVE009 (Stonedwave)

Various Artists ‘Compilation 06’ Electronic/House
2LP CORRESPONDANT068 (Correspondant)

Marco Paul ‘Adonai’ Electronic
LP 0F0C9 (Forbidden Colours)

Various Artists ‘Figure 100’ Electronic/Techno
4LP FIGURE100 (Figure)

Francis Harris ‘Trivial Occupations’ Electronic/Ambient
2LP SAT038LP (Scissor And Thread)

Lybes Dimem ‘Syncleft Chronem’ Electronic
LP SVS012 (SVS Records)

Fermata ‘ Salvaged Space’ Electronic/Experimental/Field Recordings
MC ABX071 (Aurora Borealis)

Lee Scratch Perry ‘The Black Album’ Dub/Roots Reggae

Madeline Kenney ‘Perfect Shapes’ Singer-Songwiter/Indie -Rock
CD CAK129CD (Carpark Records)

Various Artists ‘Shaolin Soul Episodes 1, 2, 3’ Soul/Funk
3CD BEC5543690 (Import Label)

Motohiko Hamase ‘Reminiscence’ Ambient/Jazz
LP/CD Studio Mule 10 LP/Studio Mule 10 CD (Studio Mule)

Szun Waves ‘New Hymn To Freedom’ Celestial Jazz/Leftfield/Experimental
2LP BAY 111V (The Leaf Label)

The Lucid Dream ‘Actualisation’ Psych-acid
LP/LPC HAY012LP/LPC (Holy Are You Recordings)

Fumio Itabashi ‘Watarase’ Classic Piano Jazz
LP MULE MUSIQ 218 (Mule Musiq)

Sebastian Gandera ‘La Raccourci’ Modern Classical
LP ES008 (Efficient Space)

Primitive Knot ‘Thee Opener Of The Way’ Drone/Doom/Dark Ambient
CASS ABX073C (Aurora Borealis)

New Singles Releases:

Seba ‘Close To You’ EP Drum & Bass
12” SPEAR092 (Spearhead Records)

Satl ‘Everything To Me’ EP Drum & Bass
12” INT048 (Integral Records)

Detroit’s Filthiest ‘Honor Among Thieves’ EP Drum & Bass

Fort Romeau ‘SPC-140’ Techno/House
12” SPC-140 (Spectral Sound)

Various Artists ‘Broken Promises Part 5’ Techno
12” JUST THIS 022 (Just This)

Grad_U ‘Balance’ EP Dub Techno
12“ Pro-tez 041 (Pro-tez)

Fred Berthet ‘Feines Tier’ House/Indie Dance
12” FT012 (FeinesTier)

Secretsundaze ‘Cyber’ EP Deep House/Ambient
12” MULE MUSIQ 230 (Mule Musiq)

Opal Sunn ‘Parallax’ EP House
12” TFAD2 (Touch From A Distance)

Tuff City Kids feat Joe Goddard ‘Reach Out’ (Erol Alkan, Osborne Remixes)
12” PERMVAC 176-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Rone ‘Mirapolis Remixes’ Electronic/Techno/House
12” iF2072 (Infiné)

Ivaylo ‘America’ Electronic/House
12” BOG016 (Bogota Records)

Metaboman ‘Wireless Dancer’ EP Electronic/House/Techno
12” CCS109 (Circus Company)

Kevin De Vries ‘Meraki’ Electronic/Techno
12” COR12158 (Cocoon Recordings)

Dima ‘Sounds of Life’ Electronic/Techno/Progressive/Rave
12” CTZ045 (Citizen Records)

Curses feat. Perel ‘Gold & Silber’ Electronic/Techno/House/IndieDance
12” DA007EP (Dischi Autunno)

Rotla ‘Waves’ Electronic/Cosmic/Disco/House
12” MND009 (Edizioni Mondo)

Giaga Robot ‘Insieme’ Electronic/IndieDance/House
12” MRG10 (Margot Records)

Julia Govor ‘001’ Electronic/Techno
12“ JJ001 (JUJUKA)

Elles & Violet ‘A Life Lived In Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived’ Electronic/House
12“ LOTR018 (Love On The Rocks)

Space Drum Meditation ‘SDM001’ Electronic/DeepHouse
12” SDM001 (Space Drum Meditation)

Bell Towers ‘Büro Hahn Edits 2’ Electronic/House/Disco
12” PP-UTI-10 (Public Possession/Under The Influence)

Kevin Arnemann ‘Trash Polka’ EP Electronic/Techno
12” TA008 (Taped Artifact)

Faerber ‘070717’ EP Electronic/Techno
12” TILT001 (TILT)

Pablo Tarno ‘Interpolarity’ Electronic/Minimal/House
12” TT011 (Taverna Tracks)

Gerd ‘The Prophetess’ Electronic/House
12” AUS133 (Aus Music)

Avatism ‘Ate-Up’ EP Electronic/Breaks/Techno
12” VA074 (Vakant)

12 x 12 ‘The Primitive Streak’ Electronic/Techno
12” VDR0013 (Voodoo Down)

Edvin Wikner ‘Kai Saa’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” SOLKYSS6 (Solkyss)

Studio Mule ‘Face To Face feat Miyako Koda’ Electronic Pop/Ambient
12” STUDIO MULE 9 (Studio Mule)


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