New Albums & Singles Releases 05.10.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 05/10.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Lawrence ‘Illusion’ Electronic/Ambient/House
2LP/CD DIALLP041/DIALCD041 (Dial Records)

Various Artists ‘Air Texture Vol.VI – Selected by Steffi and Martyn’
2LP/2CD AIR006LP/AIR006CD (Air Texture)

Uone ‘ Balance presents Uone’ Electronic
2CD BAL024CD (Balance Music)

Various Artists ’30 Years of Milwaukees – Mixed By Fat Controller’
3CD MMCD019 (Music Mondays)

AAR ‘First Grade’ Jungle/Footwork/Experimental
LP SPCTR012/AAR01 (Haunter Records/AAR)

Various Artists ‘Running Back Presents : ‘Front’ Part 1 (PROTO-HOUSE + POST-DISCO)’
Proto-House/Post-Disco/Classic House
2LP RBFRONTLP1 (Running Back)

Inner River ‘Inner River’ Ambient/Downtempo
LP ATMV059 (Atomnation)

Manoid ‘Truth’ Electronic/Techno
LP HFNDISK50LP (hafendisko)

She Makes War ‘Brace For Impact’ Indie-Rock/Grunge-Pop
LP (White)/LP (Clear)/CD MBS1805LP/MBS1805LPC/MBS1805CD (My Big Sister Recordings)

Various Artists ‘Lefto presents Jazz Cats’ Jazz

Go March ‘II’ Synth-Rock/Kraut/Electronic

Blaze Foley ‘Sittin’ By The Road’ Singer-Songwriter/Country
CD ELITE011CD (Elite Records)

Nadia Reid ‘Listen to Formation, Look For The Signs’ Folk
LP URA475LP (Spunk!)

Satellite Stories ‘Cut Out The Lights’ Alternative
CD PMFI51 (Playground Music)

Madeline Kenney ‘Perfect Shapes’ Singer-Songwiter/Indie -Rock
LP CAK129LP (Carpark Records)

Terry ‘I’m Terry (Yellow Vinyl)’ Alternative/Indie
LP (LTD) UTR111LPY (Upset The Rhythm)

Earthling Society ‘Mo – The Demon’ Space-Rock/Soundtracks
LP REPOSELP070 (Riot Season)

Nathan Gray ‘Feral Hymns’ Alternative
LP EHRLP34 (End Hits)

New Singles Releases:

DJ Hell ‘I Want U Remixes #2’ Electronic/Techno
12” GIGOLO310B (International Deejay Gigolo Records)

DJ Hell ‘Various Titles’ Electronic/Techno
12” GIGOLO328 (International Deejay Gigolo Records)

Heith ‘Laguna’ Electronic/Experimental
10” SPCTR011 (Haunter Records)

Alma Negra ‘Conversation EP (Ft. Awanto 3 remix)’ Electronic/DeepHouse
12” HEIST033 (Heist Recordings)

Kuniyuki Takahashi ‘The Call Super Mixes’ House/Indie Dance
12” MULE MUSIQ 229 (Mule Musiq)

Raam ‘Unfinished Diary’ House
12” Raam007 (Raam Records)

Cassegrain, Tensal, DJ Nobu, Lady Starlight ‘Collabs 01’ Electronic/Techno
12” ARCS-07 (Arcing Seas)

Ilario Alicante ‘Luce’ Electronic/Techno
12” COR12157 (Cocoon Recordings)

Kodäma ‘Black Cloud’ EP Electronic/Electronica
12” MAMIE-003 (Mamie’s Records)

Robag Wruhme ‘Wuzzelbud FF’ Electronic/House/Techno/Electronica
2×12” H&T04 (Hart&Tief)

Francis Harris/Various Artists ‘hfn reworked by Francis Harris’ Electronic/Electronica/House
12” HFNDISK48 (hafendisko)

Sublee ‘Irealis’ EP Electronic/House

Tom Flynn ‘AW18 Collection’ Electronic/TechHouse
12” PLE65393-6 (Planet E)

&ME ‘In your eyes’ Electronic/House
12” PAMPA032 (Pampa Records)

Shan ‘Run Tings’ EP Electronic/House
12“ RBSHAN-03 (Running Back)

Scharbatke ‘Dies Das/Reeperbahn’ Electronic/House

Claudio Coccoluto, Luca Vera ‘Suena Bien’ E.P. Electronic/House
12” THEDUB113 (The Dub)

Matthias Meyer & Ryan Davis ‘Love Letters From Sicily’ Electronic/TechHouse
12” WGVinyl050 (Watergate Records)

Alpha & Omega ‘Hands Up High/Rootical Dub’ Dub
10” MD005 (Mania Dub)

Various Artists ‘Shaolin Soul Episode 4 EP’ Soul/Funk
12” BEC5543532 (Import Label)

Orville Smith / Riz All Stars `Builders Temple’ Reggae/Dub
10” PRTL10015 (Partial Records)


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