New Albums & Singles Releases 21.09.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 21.09.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

The Field ‘Infinite Moment’ Techno/Ambient/Electronic

Villem & McLeod ‘Playing The Changes’ Drum & Bass
2LP SPEAR087 (Spearhead Records)

V/A ‘Studio Barnhus Volym 1’ Electronic
3LP/2CD BARNVOL001LP/BARNVOL001CD (Studio Barnhus)

Ocoeur ‘Inner’ Ambient/Neo-Classical/Electronic
LP/CD MD265LP/MD265 (n5MD)

Mats Erlandsson ‘Hypodermic Letters’ Experimental/Ambient
CD PRTLS014 (Portals Editions)

Roberto Crippa ‘SELENIC’ Experimental/Ambient/Noise
CD PRTLS015 (Portals Editions)

Alvin Lucier ‘Illuminated By The Moon’ Avant-Garde/Experimental
4LP+CD+DL+Book (BOX SET) BLACK TRUFFLE 043 (Black Truffle)

DMX Krew ‘Nu Romantix (Super 45 2×12“ Re-Issue)’ Electronic/Electro
2LP PERMVAC173-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Nicola Kazimir ‘Post-Heretic Dracula X Chronicles LP’ Electronic/Techno/House
LP LESPOINTS012 (Les Points)

Stefan Goldmann ‘An Ardent Heart’ Electronic/Techno
Mini Album MACROM56 (Macro)

Various Artists ‘Sichten 1’ Experimental/Electronic
2LP R-M180 (Raster-Media)

XGLARE ‘Morph’ Electronic/Electronica/Techno
LP BBR015 (Blueberry Records)

The Durutti Column ‘M24J (Anthology)’ Post-Punk
2LP+7”+ DL/ 2CD FBN164/FBN164CD (Factory Benelux)

The Sha La Das ‘Love In The Wind’ Soul/R&B
LP/CD DAP-053LP/DAP-053CD (Daptone)

Colored Music ‘Colored Music’ Avant-Disco/Post-Punk/New Wave/Proto-House

Steiger ‘Give Space’ Piano-Jazz-Crossover/Modern Classical/Electronic

The Primals ‘All Love Is True Love’ Heavy Rock/Fuzz/Grunge
LP/CD LORD255LP/LORD255 (Southern Lord)

Alpha Steppa & Nai-J ‘The Great Elephant’ Reggae/Dub/Bass
2LP ASLP009-10 (Steppas Records)

Various Artists ‘Britxotica! Goes Wild!’ Percussive Pop and Crazy Latin
LP JBH072LP (Trunk)

A-Sun-Amissa ’You stood up for victory, we stood up for less’ Dark-Jazz/Dark-Ambient/Post-Rock/Drone

Blaze Foley ‘Sittin’ By The Road’ Singer-Songwriter/Country
LP ELITE011 (Elite Records)

23 Skidoo ‘Seven Songs’ Post-Punk

Paul Haig ‘The Wood’ Singer-Songwriter/Post-Punk
LP TWI1239 (Les Disques du Crépuscule)

Spiral Deluxe (Jino Ohno Mitchell Mills) ‘Voodoo Magic’ Jazz-Fusion/House
2LP AX076 (Axis)

New Singles Releases:

Various Artists ‘Spectral 139’ Techno/House
2×12” SPC-139 (Spectral Sound)

L.B. Dub Corp ‘Roar’ Techno
10” SATOTEM002 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Chinaski ‘Bodies and Places’ Electro
12” PLAYRJC 051 (Live At Robert Johnson)

Various Artists ‘Connected Selected’ House
2×12“ CONNECTED029 (Connected)

Rico Puestel ‘Equity’ Electronic/Techno
12” COR12154 (Cocoon Recordings)

Ambivalent & Alden Tyrell ‘Detente’ Electronic/Techno
12” COR12156 (Cocoon Recordings)

Eitan Reiter & Ella Gotman ‘Flat Earth’ EP Electronic/Acid/Techno
12“ BAO066 (Be As One Imprint)

The Willers Brothers ‘Scenario#11 (w/ Art Alfie Remix)’ Electronic/Deep/House
12“ SCENARIO#11 (Scenario)

Glance ‘Lost & Found’ EP Electronic/Deep/House
12“ FJ013 (Footjob)

Acud ‘Verbrennungsmotor’ Electronic/House
12” KLR029 (KELLER)

Autarkic ‘Heavy Dreamer’ Electronic/House/Techno/IndieDance
12“ LAD037 (Life and Death)

Timo Maas, Basti Grub, Eric Volta ‘We Were Riding High’ Electronic/TechHouse
12” MOBILEE206V (Mobilee Records)

Rework ‘Heat Album Sampler’ Electronic/House/Techno
12“ MFR176V (My Favorite Robot)

Breach ‘Turtle Dance’ EP Electronic/House/Electronica

Tuff City Kids ‘Remixes Vol.3 (KiNK, Prins Thomas, Sascha Funke et al)’
12” PERMVAC 174-1 (Permanent Vacation)

Mikio Kaminakamura ‘Oneself than skill’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” SND010 (Sundance)

DJ Steaw ‘Ocean View’ EP Electronic/House/Electronica
12” STEP018 (STEP Recordings)

Maksim Dark ‘Movement’ Electronic/Techno
12“ SENSO040 (Senso Sounds)

Rhode & Brown ‘Wave 100’ EP Electronic/House
12” SCJ004 (Slam City Jams Records)

S3A ‘Rexperience’ EP Electronic/House
12” TAR016 (Times are Ruff)

V/A ‘Press by The Group’ Electronic/House/Acid/Electro/Electronica
12” TPG004 (The Press Group)

Phil Gerus ‘Sudden Move’ Electronic/Disco/Soul/R&B/Funk
12“ TREP020 (True Romance)

Will Saul ‘By Your Side’ Electronic/House/Techno/Acid/Electro
12“ AUS130 (Aus Music)

Matt Karmil ‘Sourced’ EP Electronic/House
12” AUS132 (Aus Music)

Syncbeat ‘Music (Inc. Boris Dlugosch Remixes)’ Electronic/House
12” RBSSS3 (Running Back Super Sound Singles)

Hame DJ ‘Dog Swamp’ Electronic/House

The Dap-Kings ‘Tear It Down (Feat. Sharon Jones) b/w The Collection Song’ Soul/R&B/Rock
7” DAP-1116 (Daptone)

Vibronics ‘Red, Gold & Green/Terror’ Dub
10” MD004T (Mania Dub)

Division Of Laura Lee ‘Hollow Picks’ Alternative
7” LOV89 (Lovitt Records)


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