New Albums & Singles Releases 07.09..18


New Albums & Singles Releases 07.09.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Thomas Fehlmann ‘Los Lagos’ Dub/Techno/Electronic

Phace ‘Between’ Drum & Bass
CD/2LP NSGNLCD004/NSGNLLP004 (Neosignal)

Friction ‘Connections’ Drum & Bass/Electronic
2LP ELA015LP (Elevate Records)

Column & Friends ‘Pets II’ Minimal/Electronic

Gregor Schwellenbach ’The Body As Archive’ Experimental
LP GLR1 (Galerie)

Sauna Youth ‘Deaths’ Punk/Alternative
LP/LP (LIMITED)/CD UTR103LP/UTR103LP(LTD)/UTR103CD (Upset The Rhythm)

The Durutti Column ‘Without Mercy’ Post-Punk
2LP/4CD FBN84/FBN84CD (Factory Benelux)

The Tom Hingley Band ‘I Love My Job’ Indie
CD HINGLEY31 (Newmemorabilia)

Marnie ‘Crystal World’ Synth-Pop
2LP TWI1156 (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

Harry Manfredini ‘Friday The 13th – The Final Chapter’ Classic Horror Soundtracks
2LP WW13.4 (Waxwork)

Odeon ‘Galaxies’ Electronic/Ambient/Balearic/Kraut/Electronica
LP MND008 (Edizioni Mondo)

New Singles Releases:
Gemini ‘The Beginning’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
12” 0007AD-1 (Anotherday)

Gemini ‘U Know How I Feel’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
12” 0007AD-2 (Anotherday)

Gemini ‘Imagine A Nation’/‘For The Crazy’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
12” 0007AD-3 (Anotherday)

Gemini ‘Welcome To The Future’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
12” 0007AD-4 (Anotherday)

Dj Luna-C ‘Remasters Vol. 1 EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” JKF01 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Dj Force & The Evolution ‘Remasters EP Old School Hardcore
12” JKF02 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Cru-l-t ‘Remasters EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” JKF03 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Future Primitive ‘Remasters EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” JKF04 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Cru-l-t/Alk-e-d/Luna-C/A Thief, A Terrorist, And A Lunatic ‘Rarities Remastered EP’
Old School Hardcore
12” JKF05 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

Pinch ‘The Boxer/Swish (Kromestar Remixes)’ Dubstep/Grime/Electronica/Bass Music/Riddim
12” TEC103 (Tectonic Recordings)

Toma Kami ’Sharp Tool In The Shed / Land of the Insane’ Bass/Electronic/Techno/House
12” LIVITY032 (Livity Sound Recordings)

Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy ‘Kerberos Remixes’ Techno
12“ SYST0120-6 (Systematic)

Brendon Moeller ‘Set In Motion EP’ Dub Techno
12” ECHO ECHO 004 (Echo Echo)

Fango ‘Urano 3/3’ House
12” DEGU 029 (Degustibus)

Tracey ‘Outcome’ Electronic/Electro/Breaks
12“ INTGRD003 (Intergraded)

Julia Govor ‘001’ Electronic/Techno
12“ JJ001 (Jujuka)

Elles & Violet ‘A Life Lived In Fear Is Like A Life Half Lived’ Electronic/House
12“ LOTR018 (Love On The Rocks)

Roger Van Lunteren ‘Rosa Dos Ventos’ Electro/Electronica
12“ SoHaSo 017 (Something Happening Somewhere)


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