New Albums & Singles Releases 31.08.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 31.08.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Julia Kent & Jean D.L. ‘The Great Lake Swallows’ Ambient/Modern-Classical/Drone
CD GZH084DP (Gizeh)

Recondite ‘Rainmaker’ Electronic/Techno
2×12“ AL015 (Afterlife)

Midori Takada & Lafawndah ‘Le Renard Bleu’ Ambient/World Music
LP KENZ01 (!K7 Records)

ACT! ‘Universalist’ Electronic/Experimental
LP HTRALP008 (Halocline Trance)

Gavin Guthrie ‘The Totality’ Electronic
2LP MED082 (Medical Records)

Lori Scacco ‘Desire Loop’ Electronic/Electronica/Ambient
LP MOTDLP003 (Mysteries of the Deep)

Francis Harris ‘Leland’ Electronic/Electronica/IndieDance/House
3LP SAT005LPX (Scissor And Thread)

Mark Van Hoen ‘Playing With Time’ Ambient/Experimental
2LP MED081 (Medical Records)

Andrea Taeggi ‘Zimní Král’ UK Electronica/Techno

Terry ‘I’m Terry’ Alternative/Indie
LP/LP(LTD)/CD UTR111LP/UTR111LP(LTD)/UTR111CD (Upset The Rhythm)

Szun Waves ‘New Hymn To Freedom’ Celestial Jazz/Leftfield/Experimental
2LP/2LP/CD BAY111V/BAY111VX/BAY111CD (The Leaf Label)

Bernard Parmegiani ‘Les Soleils de L’île de Pâques / La Brûlure de Mille Soleils (Original Soundtracks)’ Electronic/Soundtracks
2LP/CD WRWTFWW008-009L/WRWTFWW008-009C (WRWTFWW Records)

Jack Sels ‘Minor Works’ Jazz

Dead Otter ‘Bridge Of Weird’ Heavy Rock/Space-Rock
LP REPOSELP069 (Riot Season)

Various Artists ‘Hillbillies In Hell : Volume 777’ Country/Folk
LP IMAR114LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)

Various Artists ‘Birth/Work/Death : Work, Money and Status in Country Music (1950-1970)’
LP IMAR115LP (Iron Mountain Analogue Research)

Jerry Goldsmith ‘Logan’s Run (Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’
2LP WW035 (Waxwork)

Various Artists ‘Manhunter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP WW039 (Waxwork)

Tim Krog ‘The Boogeyman (1981 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP OWS13 (One Way Static)

Nicolas Godin ‘Au Service De La France (A Very Secret Service) OST’
LP BEC5543424 (NCLS/Because Music)

The Academy Is.. ‘Santi’ Alternative
LP ETR064 (Enjoy The Ride)

Scary Kids Scaring Kids ‘After Dark’ Rock
LP ETR067 (Enjoy The Ride)

Judee Sill ‘Songs Of Rapture And Redemption : Rarities & Live’
2LP ROGV-010 (Run Out Groove Vinyl)

Asger Baden ‘Zarniqa’ Soundtracks/Classical
LP LSD010 (Lizardshakedown Records)

Hermann Nitsch ‘Musik der 135. Aktion, Kuba’ Free Jazz/Free Improvisation
CD TR175 (Trost)

Sakata/Laswell/Drake/Cosey ‘Fisherman’` Free Jazz/Free Improvisation
LP TR173 (Trost)

New Singles Releases:
Artilect ‘Black Fire EP’ Drum & Bass
12” HZN106 (Horizons Music)

YouANDme ‘Belong’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 228 (Mule Musiq)

Desert Sound Colony ‘Fast Life EP’ Techno/House
12” TFAD1 (Touch From A Distance)

David Douglas ‘Mountain Pink’ Electronic/Electronica/House
12“ ATMV058 (Atomnation)

Losoul ‘Open Door’ Electronic/House
12“ APP06 (Another Picture Rec.)

JA:CK ‘Paprika/Balearia’ Electronic/Techno
12“ COR12155 (Cocoon Recordings)

TERR ‘Neuromancer’ Electronic/House
12“ CORRESPONDANT067 (Correspondant)

Luciano ‘Sequentia Vol. 1’ Electronic/Minimal/House
2×12” CADENZA118 (Cadenza Records)

A Sagittariun ‘The Circle Stops Somewhere’ Electronic/Techno
12” EDREAMS001 (Elastic Dreams)

Mad Rey ‘Brazil Melancholia’ EP Electronic/House/Acid
12“ MAMIE-004 (Mamie’s Records)

Shlomi Aber ‘Whistler’ Electronic/Techno
12“ FIGURE98 (Figure)

Setaoc Mass ‘Flying Machine’ EP Electronic/Techno
12“ FIGURE99 (Figure)

The White Screen ‘Death To Techno’ Electronic/IndieDance
12“ GRZ 008 (Garzen Records)

Get a room! ‘EP1’ Electronic/Techno/House
12“ ID001 (Insane Dances)

Destino ‘EP1’ Electronic/House/Cosmic/Disco
12“ ID002 (Insane Dances)

Odyssee Of Noises ‘Firedance’ Electronic/Techno
12“ LFRMX008 (LF RMX)

Dave Aju & Thatmanmonkz ‘They Sleep We Love feat. Foxxee (w/ (Seven Davis Jr RMX))’
12“ MFFV15021 (MFF (Music For Freaks))

Steve Bug ‘Different In Detroit’ Electronic/Dub House/Techno

David Mayer ‘The Call’ Electronic/House
12“ OUIE009 (Ouïe)

Nico Brun ‘Casual Affair’ Electronic/House/Breakbeat
12“ LOVEiT004 (LOVEiT)

Myr. ‘Apparently Innocent’ Electronic
7” PNN 20 (PNN)

Fur Coat ‘Repeat’ EP Electronic/Techno
12“ REDIMENSION005 (Redimension)

Rouge Mécanique ‘Paradigm’ Electronic/Post-Punk/Ambient/Noise
12“ R.M04 (Rouge Mécanique)

Fumiya Tanaka & Kuniyuki ‘EP’ Electronic/House/Techno
12“ SND 09 (Sundance)

Anton Klint ‘Ups & Downs’ Electronic/House/Cosmic
12“ 2MR-032 (2MR)

Maenad Veyl ‘Not What You See, Now What You Feel’ Electronic/Electro/Breaks/Noise
12“ VEYL002 (VEYL)

Julius Steinhoff ‘Along The Coast’ Electronic/DeepHouse
12“ SMALLVILLE 54 (Smallville Records)

Bush Chemists `Earth Rocker’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7058 (Partial Records)

King General/Bush Chemists `Joker Smokin’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7059 (Partial Records)


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