New Albums & Singles Releases 24.08.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 24.08.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Various Artists ‘Total 18’ Electronic/Techno/House

Pola & Bryson ‘Lost In Thought’ Drum & Bass/Electronic
2LP SHA137LP (Shogun Audio)

Suumhow ‘Crash_Reports’ IDM/Glitch/Experimental
CD MD267 (n5MD)

Brakken ‘Defiance’ Drum & Bass
2LP TILP005 (Tech Itch Records)

Tommy McCook ‘Tommy McCook’ Classic Ska
LP/CD RROO328/RROO328CD (Radiation Roots)

Marla & David Celia ‘Daydreamers’ Alt-Country/Singer-Songwriter/Alternative Folk
LP/CD ELITE021LP/ELITE021 (Elite Records)

Jesus Piece ‘Only Self’ Metallic Hardcore
LP/CD LORD256LP/LORD256 (Southern Lord)

Ethan Gold ‘Expanses (Teenage Synthstrumentals)’ Electronic
CD GR18 (Gold)

dragSTER ‘Anti-Everything’ Punk/Alternative
LP LTW020LP (Louder Than War)

Gary Malkin ‘Unsolved Mysteries : Ghosts/Hauntings/The Unexpected’ Soundtracks
LP TV013 (Terror Vision)

New Singles Releases:

Maltin Worf ‘City of Meth II’ EP Drum & Bass

Fake Love ‘Fake Love Vol.6’ Disco/Edits
12” FAKE LOVE 06 (Fake Love)

Kolsch & Tiga ‘HAL’ Techno
12” IPSO002 (IPSO)

Dominik Eulberg ‘Abendpfauenauge & Oleanderschwärmer’ Melodic Techno
12” APUS APUS 3 (Apus Apus)


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