New Albums & Singles Releases 20.07.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 20.07.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Syclops ‘Pink Eye’ Electronic/Electronica/Disco/House/Techno
2LP RBBTLP1 (Running Back)

Francis Harris ‘Minutes Of Sleep’ Electronic/Electronica/IndieDance/House
2LP sat015lpx (Scissor And Thread)

Kadebostany ‘Monumental’ Electronic/Pop
LP ROK005LP (Republic of Kadebostany/NSK)

Rumtum ‘Mora Tuga’ Electronic/Minimal Wave
LP WXTM002 (Wax Thematique)

Noel Brass Jr. ‘Broken Cloud Orchestra’ Cosmic New Age
LP WXTM003 (Wax Thematique)

Eiko Ishibashi and Darin Grey ‘Ichida’ Spiritual Jazz/Electronic
LP Black Truffle 039 (Black Truffle)

Kim Byoung Duk ‘Experiment No. X’ Experimental/Ambient/Avant Garde
LP DE 001 (Daehan Electronics)

Tanukichan ‘Sundays’ Dream Pop/Shoegaze
LP/CD CHI11LP / CHI11CD (Company Records)

Stray Theories ‘All That Was Lost’ Ambient/Post-Rock/Electronic
LP/CD MD264LP/MD264 (n5MD)

LWW ‘3PE’ Alternative/Experimental
LP+DL BAY87V (The Leaf Label)

Baptists ‘Beacon Of Faith’ Noise Rock/Metal
LP LORD253LP (Southern Lord)

Klaus Schulze ‘La Vie Electronique Volume 1.2 Electronic/Krautrock
2LP OWS27 (One Way Static)

Alan Braufman ‘Valley Of Search’ Jazz
LP VS001 (Valley Of Search)

Charles Manson ‘Lie: The Love and Terror Cult’ Folk/Country
MC PAESP-008-L (Personal Affair)

New Singles Releases:

Phase Fatale ‘Reverse Fall’ Techno
12” O-TON 113 (Ostgut Ton)

DJ Sprinkles & Hardrock Striker ‘Under The Ballroom’ Deep House
12” LAXSHE3 (Skylax)

Future Beat Alliance ‘FBA21 Remixed’ Electronic/Electronica/Techno/IndieDance
12“ FBA21R (FBA Recordings)

Pitto ‘Late night studio moves EP (Ft. The Mole remix)’ Electronic/Deep House
12“ HEIST032 (Heist Recordings)

Stijn Sadée ‘Affetto’ Electronic/Deep/Chicago/House
12“ KITJEN007 (Kitjen)

Verner ‘Crash Of The Web Era’ Electronic/Deep House/House/Ambient
12“ QST04 (Quartet Series)

R100/Amin Fallaha ‘DUAT003’ Electronic/Techno
12“ DUAT003 (DUAT)

FOLD ‘Aegean Sea’ Electronic/Deep/House/Techno
12“ AUS128 (Aus Music)

Various Artists ‘Watergate 24 EP’ Electronic/Electronica/House/IndieDance
12“ WGVinyl049 (Watergate Records)


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