New Albums & Singles Releases 04.05.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 04.05.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Max Cooper ‘Balance 030’ Electronic
2CD BAL023CD (Balance Music)

Various Artists ‘Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music’
CD SACD009 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Bad Stream ‘Bad Stream’ Electronic/Electro/Electronica

Shakarchi & Stranéus ‘Steal Chickens from Men and the Future from God’ Electronic/House
CD/2LP BARN052CD/BARN052LP (Studio Barnhus)

Mental Bend ‘One Step’ Electronic/Downtempo

Andreas Grosser ‘Venite Visum’ New Age/Space Music/Krautrock
2LP/CD RBLP11/RBCD11 (Running Back Incantations)

Various Artists ‘Stil vor Talent Berlin: Frankfurter Tor’ Electronic/Techno/TechHouse
CD SVT215CD (Stil Vor Talent)

NSI. ‘5863’ Electronic/Electronica
CD NSP14CD (Non Standard Productions)

Recondite ‘Daemmerlicht’ Electronic
2LP PLANLP01 (Plangent Records)

Hidden Empire ‘Mind Palace’ Electronic/Techno/TechHouse
2LP SVT216LP (Stil Vor Talent)

Simon Mills ‘Harmonic Jigsaws Vol.1’ Electronic
2LP SLM024 (Secret Life Music)

Move D & Benjamin Brunn ‘Songs from the Beehive (Repress 2017)’ Electronic/DeepHouse
2LP Smallvillelp01 (Smallville)

Alex ‘x’ Dark Synthwave/Electronic
LP PLMKR032 (Playmaker)

Dapayk Solo ‘The Calling’ Electronic/Techno/House/Minimal
2LP MFP083LP (Mo’s Ferry Productions)

Various Artists ‘Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 9+10’ Techno/House/Electronic
2LP HYG003 (Hold Your Ground)

Various Artists ’10 Years Of SCI+TEC’ Techno/House/Electronic

NYMA ‘XYXX’ Electronic
2LP IAIY008LP (Its All In You)

Kai Niggemann ‘Heart Murmur’ Electronic/Electronica
10” LP KKS10-001 (Kalakuta Soul Records)

Stimming x Lambert ‘Exodus’ Electronic/Neo -Jazz/Kraut/Classical music
LP KRY003 (Kryptox)

Deep’a & Biri ‘Dominance’ Electronic
2LP BCLP001 (Black Crow Records)

T.e.s.o. ‘Construzione 04’ Electronic
LP AP009 (Aperture)

Mikkel Metal ‘Just Enough Light’ Dub Techno
MLP ECHOCORD 077 (Echocord)

Joe Talia ‘Tint’ Electroacoustic/Kosmische
LP BLACK TRUFFLE 037 (Black Truffle)

Various Artists ‘25 YRS Distillery’ Deep House
2LP TILLE001 (Distillery)

Dyno ‘Synthonia’ Ambient/Electronic
LP MGLP106 (Mondo Groove)

Faces On TV ‘Night Funeral’ Electronic Pop/Alternative
LP/CD UNDAY078LP/UNDAY078CD (Unday Records)

Vibronics ‘Woman On A Mission’ Reggae/Dub
CD/LP SCOOP061CD / SCOOP061LP (Scoops Records)

Various Artists ‘Skinhead Hits The Town 1968-1969’ Reggae/Rocksteady
LP KSLP073 (Kingston Sounds)

New Singles Releases:

Nymfo ‘Crystal Clear’ EP Drum & Bass
12” SPEAR084 (Spearhead Records)

DJ Ham ‘Most Impressive’ EP Old School Hardcore
10” KF78 (Kniteforce Records)

Various Artists ‘Death To Digital Volume 2’ EP Old School Hardcore
12” KF79 (Kniteforce Records)

Yello ’Bostich (DJ Hell 2018 Remix)’ Techno
12” GIGOLO325V (Gigolo)

Adryiano ‘Me and you and her EP (Ft. Jamie 3:26 remix)’ Electronic/Deep House
12” HEIST030 (Heist Recordings)

Alphonse ‘Better Weather’ Electronic/Deep/House/Detroit/Techno
12“ HYPE070 (Hypercolour)

WomenSaid ‘Magick!’ Electronic
12” OM 41 (Optimo Music)

Emanative ‘Planet B’ Jazz/Disco/Afrobeat
12” NUT-003 (Nutriot)

Luis Junior ‘Ipsum’ House/Techno
12” BWR021 (Best Works Records)

Maenad Veyl ‘The Acceptance ov Not Knowing’ Electronic/Techno/EBM/Noise
12“ VEYL001 (VEYL)



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