New Albums & Singles Releases 20.04.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 20.04.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Fahrland ‘Mixtape Vol. 1’ Electronic

XOR Gate ‘Conic Sections’ Detroit Techno/Electro
LP TRESOR299 (Tresor)

Thomas Fehlmann/Terrence Dixon ‘We Take It From Here’ Techno
2LP TRESOR302 (Tresor)

Hide ‘Castration Anxiety’ Electronic/Industrial
LP DAIS111LP (Dais Records)

Marie Davidson ‘Marie Davidson’ Electronic/Minimal Wave
LP HD017LP (Holodeck Records)

Automelodi ‘Surlendemains Acides’ Electronic/Minimal Wave
LP HD045LP (Holodeck Records)

Simone Felice ‘The Projector’ Singer-Songwriter/Americana
LP/CD SIFE010LP/SIFE010CD (New York Pro)

Christina Vantzou ‘No. 4’ Ambient Classical Minimalism
LP/CD KRANK215LP/KRANK215 (Kranky)

Yung Wu ‘Shore Leave’ Rock/Alternative
CD BRN-CD-26 (Bar None)

Emma Tricca ‘St Peter’ Folkrock
CD EDDA47CD (Dell’Orso)

Detroit Rising ‘A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure’ Funk/Soul/R & B
CD DJ59PFL (Down Jazz Records)

Tor Lundvall and John B McLemore ‘ ..present Witness Marks – The Works of John B. McLemore’ Ambient/Field Recordings
CD DAIS096 (Dais Records)

Stars of the Lid ‘Gravitational Pull vs The Desire For An Aquatic Life’ Ambient/Modern Classical
LP KRANK020LP (Kranky)

Eagle Twin ‘The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn)’ Heavy Rock/Doom Rock
LP LORD250LP (Southern Lord)

Henry Blacker ‘The Making Of Junior Bonner’ Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock
LP REPOSELP066 (Riot Season)

JahYu ‘Lineage of the Sun’ Reggae/Dub/Bass
2LP ASLP008 (Steppas Records)

Shudder To Think ‘Ten Spot’ Classic Dischord/Post-Hardcore
LP+MP3 DIS46V (Dischord Records)

Ennio Morricone ‘Un Esercito Di 5 Uomini’ Soundtrack

Pino Donaggio ‘A Venezia Un Dicembre Rosso Shocking (Don’t Look Now)’ Soundtrack

Ceaser Frazier ‘Hail Ceaser!’ Soul/Funk/Jazz
LP TWM13 (Tidal Waves Music)

Jim White ‘Waffles Triangles and Jesus’ Rock

Robb Kunkel ‘Abyss’ Rock
LP FDR634LP (Future Days/Light In The Attic)

Funkadelic ‘Finest’ Classic Funk/Psychedelic Rock
2LP TWM05 (Tidal Waves Music)

Chris Shiflett ‘ West Coast Town’ Americana/Alt-Country
LP RW-007 (Rusted Wave)

Various Artists ‘Spongebob Squarepants: Original Theme Highlights’ Soundtrack
LP ETT005 (Enjoy The Ride)

New Singles Releases:

Satl ‘Everything Anything’ EP Drum & Bass
12” INT044 (Integral Records)

Various Artists ‘Kniteforce Remasters Vol. 7 EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” JKF07 (Jedi/Kniteforce Records)

TNO Project ‘Fragmented Brain EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” BREED18 (Knitebreed Records)

Ant To Be ‘Adventures Of Soundbwoy EP’ Old School Hardcore
12” BREED19 (Knitebreed Records)

Fake Love ‘Fake Love Vol.2’ Disco/Edits
12” FAKE LOVE 02 (Fake Love)

Stripper ‘Strike Team’ Techno
12” SLEEVE02 (Sleeve)

Various Artists ‘ Nowhere Vinyl Sampler 01’ Electronic
12“ SoHaSo 016 (Something Happening Somewhere)

Try Unity ‘Remixes Vol 1’ Electronic/Rave
12” RRRDJ004 (Rave Radio Records)

John Roberts ‘Spill’ House
12” BED 008 (BED)

C. Scott ‘Distance Fog’ Deep House/Vocal House
12” PGHTRX-005 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Fango ‘Urano 1/3’ Techno
12” DEGU 025 (Degustibus)

Lariman ‘Never Dwell’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7054 (Partial Records)




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