New Albums & Singles Releases 30.03.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 30.03.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Orquesta Akokan ‘Orquesta Akokan’ Latin/Mambo
CD/LP/LTD LP DAP-052/DAP-052LP/DAP-052LPX (Daptone Records)

Dedekind Cut ‘Tahoe’ Ambient/Drone
CD/2LP KRANK213/KRANK213LP (Kranky)

Laurence Pike ‘Distant Early Warning’ Electronic/Jazz/Experimental
LP/CD BAY109V/BAY109CD (The Leaf Label)

Winterlight ‘The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days’ Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Ambient
CD/LP MD261/MD261LP (n5MD)

Eagle Twin ‘The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn)’ Heavy Rock/Doom Rock
CD LORD250 (Southern Lord)

U Roy ‘The Originator’ Roots Reggae
CD RROO322CD (Radiation Roots)

Various Artists ‘The Voyager Golden Record’ Rock/Blues/Non-Music/Classical/Folk/World & Country
3LP + Book OZMA001LP (Ozma Records)

Nightports w/Matthew Bourne ‘Nightports w/Matthew Bourne’ Modern Classical/Piano
LP BAY108V (The Leaf Label)

Tor Lundvall ‘A Dark Place’ Ambient
LP (Purple) DAIS110LP (Dais Records)

Various Artists ‘Shaolin Soul Episode 1’ Soul
2LP BEC5543356 (Because Music)

Various Artists ‘Shaolin Soul Episode 2’ Soul
2LP BEC5543357 (Because Music)

Various Artists ‘Shaolin Soul Episode 3’ Soul
2LP BEC5543358 (Because Music)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘Trabendo’ Alternative
2LP BEC5543327 (Because Music)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘Mlah’ Alternative
LP BEC5543329 (Because Music)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘Famille Nombreuse’ Alternative
LP BEC5543331 (Because Music)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘Zig-Zague’ Alternative
2LP BEC5543333 (Because Music)

Mano Negra ‘Puta’s Fever’ Alternative
LP BEC5543315 (Because Music)

Mano Negra ‘Patchanka’ Alternative
LP BEC5543317 (Because Music)

Mano Negra ‘In The Hell Of Patchinko’ Alternative
2LP BEC5543319 (Because Music)

Mano Negra ‘King Of Bongo’ Alternative
LP BEC5543321 (Because Music)

Mano Negra ‘Casa Babylon’ Alternative
LP BEC5543323 (Because Music)

Keziah Jones ‘Blufunk Is A Fact!’ Blues/Funk
LP BEC5543325 (Because Music)

Fumio Itabashi ‘Nature’ Jazz
LP MULE MUSIQ 223 (Mule Musiq)

Still Circles ’27:36′ Electronic/Ambient/Alternative
CD/LP EZ0012CD/EZ0012 (Killtone)

KUF ‘Universe’ Electronic/Jazz

~raw ‘Hyperlucid Gaze’ Experimental/Noise/Beats
C20 tape + digital PRTLS013 (Portals Editions)

New Singles Releases:

Finiflex ‘Bonus Freaks’ Electronic
12” FLEX006 (Finiflex Records)

Mokona ‘Love In Restricted Areas’ Electronic/Experimental
12” TS015 (Templar Sound)

Anii ‘Korzenie EP’ Techno/Indie Dance
12” KOMPAKT 380 (Kompakt)

In Aeternam Vale ‘2,3,7,8’ Dance/Techno
12” K008 (Khemia Records)

Beat Movement ‘Entrainment (EP)’ Techno/Hard Techno/Electronic/Experimental
12” LB21 (LOVE BLAST.)

Phil Keiran ‘Polyrhythms’ Afro-House/Disco
12” OMD 10 (Optimo Music)

Studio Mule ‘Carnaval feat Miyako Kouda aka Dip In The Pool’ Disco/House/Pop
12” STUDIO MULE 3 (Studio Mule)

Various Artists ‘White Gardenia Vol.1’ Jazz/Electronic/Experimental
12” JOT001 (JAZZ-O-TECH)

Dominik Eulberg ‘Roter Gitterlling & Tintenfischpilz’ TechHouse
12” APUS APUS 2 (Apus Apus)

Metaboman ‘Nothing In It’ Minimal
12” MK 049 (Musik Krause)

Xen & Yovav ‘Etmol Hayom’ Indie Dance/Alternative
7” MALKA TUTI 0015 (Malka Tuti)



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