New Albums & Singles Releases 23.03.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 23.03.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Kenneth James Gibson ‘In The Fields Of Nothing’ Techno

Joe Ford ‘Colours In Sound LP’ Drum & Bass/Electronic
2LP SHA133 (Shogun Audio)

Guizmo ‘Amicalement Vôtre’ Electronic/Hip Hop
CD BEC5543272 (Y&W/Because Music)

Adrienne Pauly ‘A Vos Amours’ Electronic/Indie/Alternative
CD BEC5546840 (Choï Music/Because Music)

Colin Fisher ‘V Le Pape’ Ambient/Improv
LP GJ007 (Geej)

Zoe McPherson ‘String Figures’ Electronic/Techno/Leftfield/World Music
LP SF01 (SVS Records)

Tilbury ‘Execution’ Electronic
LP Broadcast14 (Radio Bongo)

Certain Creatures ‘Nasadiya Sukta’ Electronic/Electronica
LP MOTDLP001 (Mysteries of the Deep)

Severnaya ‘Polar Skies’ Electronic/Electronica/Ambient
LP FAUXPAS024 (Fauxpas Musik)

Blaine L. Reininger ‘The Blue Sleep’ Leftfield/Post-Punk
CD&DL TWI1237CD (Les Disques du Crépuscule)

High Rise ‘High Rise II’ Japanese Psych/Noise/Rock
LP BE-002 (Black Editions)

Jon McCallum ‘Surf Nazis Must Die (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP SD-001LP (Strange Disc)

New Singles Releases:

Somewhen ‘AFL’ Techno
12” O-TON 110 (Ostgut Ton)

Plant 43 ‘Edge Of The Wood’ Techno
12” EUDEMONIA 001 (eudemonia)

Ian Hicks ‘Character Collapse’ Electro/New Wave/Techno
12” OH So Low 002 (Optimo So Low)

Brainwaltzera ‘Remix EP ‘ IDM/Electro/Minimal Synth
12”EP FILM008 (Film)

Various Artists ‘Centrifuge One: New Dance Sound Of Moscow’ Techno
2×12” PG TUNE C 001 (PG Tune)

Gaunt ‘Don’t Trip EP’ Techno/Electronic/Experimental
12” THEM010 (THEM)

Phuture ‘We Are Phuture (Ricardo Villalobos Phutur I – IV Remixes)’ Electronic/House
2×12” GPM432 (Get Physical)

CHMMR ‘Auto Remixes 1 (Telephones , DJ Dog & Double Dancer)’ Electronic/Disco/House
12” FPLP013Rmx1 (Full Pupp)

CHMMR ‘Auto Remixes 2 (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)’ Electronic/Disco/House
12” FPLP013Rmx2 (Full Pupp)

Tom Ellis ‘The Colour Red’ EP Electronic/House/Minimal
2×12” minibar045 (Minibar)

Fake Love ‘Fake Love Vol.1’ Disco/Edits
12” FAKE LOVE 01 (Fake Love)

Ditongo ‘Calypso’ Tropical House
12” DEGU 024 (Degustibus)

Avon Blume ‘Slowly Diving EP’ Electronic/DeepHouse/TechHouse
12” ONLOOP006 (On Loop)

Motip White ‘Waggons EP’ House
12” DJ008 (Dorfjungs)

Various Artists ‘Under The Radar Sampler 1’ Techno
12” ELL043 (Ellum Audio)

Wolfgang Tillmans ‘Heute Will Ich Frei Sein EP’ Electronic
12” FRAGILE06 (Fragile)

Reggy Van Oers ‘Transcranial’ Techno
12” KONTRAFAKTUM005 (Kontrafaktum)

Faltin ‘Phobos EP’ Techno
12” VIDAB X4 (Vidab Records)

Orquesta Akokan ‘Mambo Rapidito/Un Tabaco Para Elegua’ World/Cuban
7” DAP-1112 (Daptone Records)

The Drones ‘Boredon Remixes’ Indie Dance
12” HTH001 (Here To Hell)



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