New Albums & Singles Releases 26.01.18


New Albums & Singles Releases 26.01.18. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Knowledge ‘Hail Dread’ Reggae
CD/LP KSCD071/KSLP071 (Kingston Sounds)

Various Artists ‘Midnight In Tokyo’ Electronic/Japanese Pop/Disco
2LP/CD Studio Mule 1 LP/Studio Mule 1 CD (Studio Mule)

Jim Ghedi ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’ Folk/Singer-Songwriter
CD BR005CD (Basin Rock)

Jeff Mills ‘And Then There Was Light’ Soundtracks/Techno
CD AXCD052 (Axis Records)

Antarte ‘Isole’ Post-Rock
CD CDMEGA25 (Megaphone)

Charles Hayward And Thurston Moore ‘Improvisations’ Improv/Alternative
LP CARE112LP (Care In The Community)

The Green Child ‘The Green Child’ Electronic/Psychedelic Pop
LP UTR102 (Upset The Rhythm)

Various Artists ‘Ghosts Of Christmas Past’ Post-Punk/Art-Punk
2LP TWI158 (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

G.T. Moore `The Harry J Sessions’ Reggae/Dub
LP PRTLLP001 (Partial Records)

Goblin ‘Seven Notes In Red’ Cult Rock
Paperback Book 978-0-9721820-4-1 (Ajna Bound)

Goblin ‘Seven Notes In Red’ Cult Rock
Hardback Book 978-0-9721820-9-6 (Ajna Bound)

Marco Bailey ‘Temper’ Techno/Electronic
CD MATERIA008CD (Materia)

Mollono.Bass ‘Remix Collection IV’ Electronic
CD 3000GRADCD013 (3000 Grad Records)

Alvin Lucier ‘Criss Cross/Hanover’ Experimental/Minimal/Modern Composition
LP BlackTruffle033 (Black Truffle)

Chris Carter ‘The Spaces Between’ Electronic
MLP OMCC01 (Optimo Music)

Shawn Rudiman ‘Timespan’ Deep House/Vocal House
2LP PGHTRX-LP-02 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

New Singles Releases:

Aalko ‘No Man Is An Island EP’ Leftfield/Experimental Breaks/Electronic
12” KEBEP001 (Kebko Music)

Laurence Guy ‘All I See Is Her’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 220 (Mule Musiq)

Nandu ‘Another Jam EP’ House
12” CONNECTED 022 (Connected)

Jono Ma & Dreems ‘The Dreemas’ House/Techno
12” KOMPAKT 379 (Kompakt)

Various Artists ‘Mental Groove Classics’ Classic Rave/Hardcore
12” MG125 (Mental Groove)

Various Artists ‘Berghain 08′ Techno
12” O-TON108 (Ostgut Ton)

Fluxion ‘Upsides & Sideways EP’ Dub Techno
12” ECHOCORD 076 (Echocord)

Samuel Rohrer/Ricardo Villalobos/Burnt Friedmann ‘Range Of Regularity Remixes’ Electronic/Minimal/Jazz
2×12” AMEL-EP713/716 (Arjunamusic)

Alex Augier ‘Germination’ Electronic
12” DAC2017 (Dac Records)

Ted Milton/Blurt ‘Ruminant Violence’ No Wave/Electronic
12“ OM 39 (Optimo Music)

The Golden Filter ‘Dub Of Times’ Electronic
12“ OMTGFLTD001 (Optimo Music)

Bisweed ‘Into The Weald EP’ Deep Dubstep
12” SUBALT014 (Subaltern Records)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘The Adventures of Bayou Billy’ Soundtracks
7” STS-021 (Ship To Shore)


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