New Albums & Singles Releases 13.10.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 13.10.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Daphni ‘Joli Mai’ Electronic
CD JIALONG022 (Jiaolong)

Oliver Huntemann ‘Propaganda’ Techno
3LP/CD SENSO30LP/SENSO30CD (Senso Sounds)

Several Definitions ‘Reborn After The Road’ Electronic/Techno
2LP/CD SVT201LP/SVT201CD (Stil Vor Talent)

Von Haze ‘VII’ Ambient/Drone
LP Drone012 (Drone)

Sollmann & Gurtler ‘Gegen Die Zeit’ Avant Garde/Experimental
LP SKY WALKING 03LP (Sky Walking)

Various Artists ‘Deep Love 2017’ Electronic/House/Disco
2LP DIRT107 (Dirt Crew Recordings)

Melkbelly ‘Nothing Valley’ Alternative/Indie
LP/CD WIX01LP/WIX01CD (Wax Nine)

Ash Ra Tempel Experience ‘Live in Melbourne’ Kraut/Electronic

Wangel ‘Reasons’ Alternative
LP/CD PGMDK423LP/PGMDK432CD (Playground Music)

The EFFECTS ‘Eyes To The Light’ Post-Hardcore/Indie Rock
LP/CD DIS185V/DIS185 (Dischord Records)

Deafkids ‘Configuração do Lamento’ Tribal Noise/D-Beat/Psychedelic
CD NR106 (Neurot Recordings)

Les Negresses Vertes ‘Le Grand Déballage – Best Of’ Alternative/World
CD BEC5543060 (Because Music)

Loincloth ‘Psalm Of The Morbid Whore’ Instrumental Metal
LP LORD243 (Southern Lord)

Memnon Sa ‘ Lemurian Dawn ‘ Epic Cosmic Synth/Sci-Fi Soundtracks/New Age
LP ABX069LP (Aurora Borealis)

Chain & The Gang ‘Experimental Music’ Garage-Rock/Rock n Roll/Blues-Rock
LP RE004 (Radical Elite Records)

False ‘Untitled’ Black Metal
2LP RELIC58 (Gilead Media)

Ustalost ‘The Spoor Of Vipers’ Black Metal
LP RELIC82 (Gilead Media)

Couch Slut ‘Contempt’ Noise-Rock
LP RELIC86 (Gilead Media)

Vile Creature ‘A Steady Descent Into The Soil’ Doom Metal
LP RELICV-C (Gilead Media)

Nordra ‘Nordra’ Electronic/Experimental/Ambient
LP SIGE053 (Sige)

New Singles Releases:

Addremove ‘Clean Slate EP’ Electronic/Techno/Electronica
12” THRNS002 (Thrènes Records)

Tapan ‘Europa’ House/Indie Dance
12” MALKA TUTI 0014 (Malka Tuti)

Somne ‘Metropolis EP’ Electronic/House/Techno
12” JUST THIS 016 (Just This)

Fort Romeau ‘Untitled II/A Familiar Place’ Techno
12” DGTL002 (DGTL)

Lio Janeiro & Gui Boratto ‘MooDisco (incl. Rodriguez Jr. remix)’ Techhouse
12” D.O.C. 024 (D.O.C.)

Escape-ism/Light Beams ‘Split’ Alternative/Rock n Roll
7” LOV86 (Lovitt Records)



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