New Albums & Singles Releases 08.09.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 08.09.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Trickfinger ‘II’ Acid/Electronic/Techno
MLP / MCD ATLP07/ATCD07 (Acid Test)

BCee ‘Northpoint’ Drum & Bass
CD / 2LP Gatefold Vinyl & CD SPEAR081CD/SPEAR081 (Spearhead Records)

Various Artists ‘Stil Vor Talent Berlin: Alexanderplatz’ Electronic/Techno
CD SVT200CD (Stil Vor Talent)

Bruno Spoerri ‘Voice Of Taurus’ Early Electronics/Soundtracks/Ambient
LP WRWTFWW014 (we release whatever the fuck we want)

Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber ‘The Sound Of The UFOs’
Early Electronics/Soundtracks/Ambient
LP WRWTFWW015 (we release whatever the fuck we want)

Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi ‘Hotel Record’ Electro-Acoustic/Electronic
2LP BLACKTRUFFLE029LP (Black Truffle)

DMX Krew ‘Strange Directions’ Electronic/Techno/IDM
2LP HYPELP009 (Hypercolour)

Gerry Read ‘New Junk City’ House/Leftfield
LP RAMP069 (RAMP Recordings)

Cooper Bowman ‘Maud Variations’ Experimental/Ambient
Cassette RR012 (Resistance/Restraint)

El Goodo ‘By Order Of The Moose’ Psych-pop
CD/LP STR035CD/STR035LP (Strangetown)

Benni ‘I & II’ Electronic/Ambient
LP/CD 140GONELP / 140GONECD (Goner Records)

Cobra Man ‘New Driveway Soundtrack’ Punk/Electronic/Alternative
LP/CD 142GONELP / 142GONECD (Goner Records)

The Names ‘German Nights’ Cold Wave
CD FBN122CD (Factory Benelux)

Colorama ‘Some Things Just Take Time’ Singer-Songwriter/Country-Folk

Rick Wakeman ‘The Burning (1981 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP OWS12 (One Way Static)

Popol Vuh ‘Cobra Verde Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack’ Soundtracks
LP OWS16 (One Way Static)

Popol Vuh ‘For You And Me’ New Age/World
LP OWS18 ( One Way Static)

Scissorgun ‘Assault Two’ Post-Punk
10” LP AAR002 (Aural Assault)

New Singles Releases:

Pinch & Mumdance ‘Control / Strobe Light’ Techno/Grime/Dubstep
12” TEC098 (Tectonic)

Peverelist ‘Roll With The Punches / Die Brücke’ Dubstep
12” DRUNK005 (Punch Drunk Records)

My Nu Leng ‘Portal EP’ Drum & Bass/Electronic
12” SHA121 (Shogun Audio)

London Modular Alliance ‘Hands & Brains EP’ Electro
12” DIREC004 (Dimensions Recordings)

Detroit Swindle ‘Can’t Hold It’ EP Deep House
12” HEIST026 (Heist Recordings)

Nachtbraker ‘Misses Madame Mademoiselle EP’ (+Session Victim remix) Deep House
12” HEIST027 (Heist Recordings)

Klanken ‘Vier/Vijf’ Electronic/New Beat

Von Grall ’The Transformation is Conformal’ Techno
12” KONTRAFAKTUM004 (Kaos)

Nuno Dos Santos ‘Trigonometry Of Love Remixes’ House
12“ SoHaSo 014 (Something Happening Somewhere)

Luca D’Alberto ‘Wait For Me (Remixes)’ Electronic
12” 7K001R2 (7K)

Sven Weisemann ‘Bilateral Relations EP’ Dub Techno
12” ECHOCORD 075 (Echocord)

Etapp Kyle ‘Alpha’ Techno
12” O-TON107 (Ostgut Ton)



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