New Albums & Singles Releases 01.09.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 01.09.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Various Artists ‘Total 17’ Techno/Electronic
2LP/2CD KOMPAKT375/ KOMPAKTCD140 (Kompakt)

Various Artists ‘DJ Patife presents Viva Brazil: SUNANDBASS Sessions’ Drum & Bass
CD PLV079CD (V Recordings)

High-Functioning Flesh ‘Culture Cut’ EBM/Synth
CD DAIS101CD (Dais Records)

Beastie Respond ‘Information City’
Footwork/Juke/Electro/Drum’n’Bass/Trap/UK Hardcore/Trance/UK Garage/Techno/Experimental/Ambient
LP DOWN4 (Foul-Up)

Madeline Kenney ‘Night Night At The First Landing’ Singer-Songwriter/Americana/Alternative
LP/CD CHI08LP/CHI08CD (Company Records)

Neurosis ‘The Word As Law’ Classic Hardcore/Punk
LP NR104LP (Neurot Recordings)

Dent May ‘Across The Multiverse’ Singer-Songwriter/Lounge/Indie-Pop
LP/CD CAK123LP/ CAK123CD (Carpark)

Astrid & Rachel Grimes ‘Through The Sparkle’ Chamber Music/Post-Rock/Modern Classical
LP/CD GZH073LP/GZH073CD (Gizeh)

Colorama ‘Some Things Just Take Time’ Singer-Songwriter/Country-Folk

Basil Kirchin ‘Basil Kirchin Is My Friend – A Trunk Records Sampler’ Soundtracks/Film Music/Ambient
LP JBH067LP (Trunk)

Robert Sotelo ‘Cusp’ Psych-Pop/Alternative
LP UTR098 (Upset The Rhythm)

Les Reed & Rick Wakeman ‘Creepshow 2 (1987 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP WW031 (Waxwork)

New Singles Releases:

Phace & Mefjus ‘Wastemen EP’ Drum & Bass
12” NSGNL015 (Neosignal)

DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith / Brainkillers ‘Logical Direction Vinyl 001’
Jungle/Drum & Bass
12” LDVL120001 (Logical Direction Recordings)

Verb & DJ Fox, Drum Cypha, Tim Reaper & Mpathy, DJ Fox & Zebedee ‘Beatz Ep Vinyl Edition Volume One’
Drum & Bass
12” LDVL12002 (Logical Direction Recordings)

Coil ‘A Cold Cell In Bangkok’ Electronic/Experimental
12“ OM 38 (Optimo Music)

Two Another ‘Two’ Electronic/R&B
12” ADX013 (Airdrop)

Mattes Schwarz ‘I Don’t Know’ Indie Disco/Techno
12” Magazine017 (Magazine)

Ion Din Dorobanti ‘EP’ Electronic/World
7“ Pingipung 56 (Pingipung)


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