New Albums & Singles Releases 11.08.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 11.08.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Red Axes ‘The Beach Goths’ Electronic/Guitar’n’Synths/Psychedelic
LP/CD Garzen006LP/Garzen006CD (Garzen)

Various Artists ‘Spearhead Presents: The Soundtrack’ Drum & Bass
2LP & 2CD SPEAR080 (Spearhead Records)

Annea Lockwood ‘Tiger Balm/Amazonia Dreaming/Immersion’ Early Electronics/Soundtracks
LP BLACKTRUFFLE028LP (Black Truffle)

Santiago Salazar ‘Chicanismo’ Detroit Techno/House
2LP LWYFLP001 (Love What You Feel)

Pittsburgh Track Authority ‘Enter The Machine Age’ House/Techno/Electro/Disco
2LP PGHTRX-LP-001 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Joel Jerome ‘Cosmic Bear Jamboree’ Dream Pop/Psychedelic/Folk
LP/CD ELITE018LP/ELITE018 (Elite Records)

The Severed Limb ‘Good and Gone’ Punk-Skiffle
CD WSD39CD (Wonderfulsound)

Pikacyu-Makoto ‘Galaxilympics’ Psych-Pop/Alternative
LP UTR095LP (Upset The Rhythm)

Colin Steele Quartet ‘Diving For Pearls – Jazz Interpretations Of The Pearlfishers Songbook’ Jazz
LP MA82LP (Marina Records)

New Singles Releases:

Danny Daze & Shokh/Patrice Baumel ‘Speicher 98’ Techno
12” KOMPAKT EX 098 (Kompakt Extra)

Gibson Brothers ‘Ooh What A Life/Heaven – Gerd Janson & Shan edits)’ Disco/House
12” RBSSS1 (Running Back)

DJs Pareja & Bryan Kessler ‘Detona’ Techno
12” SFR016 (Sanfuentes)

Dominik Eulberg & Essay ‘Dream Machine’ Techhouse
12“ Traum V211 (Traum)

Various Artists ‘Compilation 05 – Sampler 1’ Techno
12” COR056 (Correspondant)

Various Artists ‘Compilation 05 -Sampler 2’ Techno
12” COR057 (Correspondant)

Disco Nihilist ‘Untitled’ Deep House/Acid House
12” LWYF-001 (Love What You Feel)

Noleian Reusse ‘The Black Tekno EP’ Techno/House
12” LWYF-002 (Love What You Feel)

Various Artists ‘Love What You Feel 003’ Techno/House
12” LWYF-003 (Love What You Feel)

Anaxander ‘From The Dirty South ..of France’ Techno/House
12” LWYF-004 (Love What You Feel)

Various Artists ‘Love What You Feel 005′ Techno/House
12” LWYF-005 (Love What You Feel)

Ian Tocor ‘Love What You Feel 006′ Soulful House
12” LWYF-006 (Love What You Feel)

Pittsburgh Track Authority ‘Untitled’ House/Techno
12” PGHTRX-001 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Pittsburgh Track Authority vs. Nice Rec ‘Pittsburgh Tracks 002’ Deep House/Disco/Electro
12” PGHTRX-002 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Pittsburgh Track Authority ‘Allegheny Acid | Primitive Rhythms’ House/Techno
12’” PGHTRX-003 (Pittsburgh Tracks)

Pittsburgh Track Authority ‘Edits Vol.1’ Disco Edits
Single Sided 12” PGHTRACKAUTH-001 (Pittsburgh Track Authority)



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