New Albums & Singles Releases 28.07.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 28.07.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

DJ Hell ’Zukunftsmusik’ Electronic

Various Artists ‘Superlongevity Six’ Electronic/House
4xLP/2XCD PERL114/PERL114CD (Perlon)

Kuniyuki ‘New Wave Project’ Electronic

Various Artists ‘Spearhead Presents: The Soundtrack’ Drum & Bass
2CD SPEAR080CD (Spearhead Records)

Superpitcher ‘The Golden Ravedays 7’ Techno
LP + DL TGR007 (Hippie Dance)

Greenspan and Taraval ‘Greenspan and Taraval’ Electronic/Kraut/Techno
MLP GJ006 (Geej)

Technimatic ‘Desire Paths’ LP Drum & Bass
2LP SHA082 (Shogun Audio)

Denial.Of.Service ‘Contour & Shape’ Electronic/Industrial/Noise
MINI LP FILM007 (Film)

High-Functioning Flesh ‘Culture Cut’ EBM/Synth
LP DAIS101LP (Dais Records)

Anton Kubikov ‘Whatness’ Ambient
LP KOMPAKT372 (Kompakt)

Moa Pillar ‘Hymns’ Electronic/Experimental
LP FON54 (Full of Nothing)

Patricia ‘Several Shades Of The Same Color’ Techno
LP SPC-138-3 (Spectral)

Various Artists ‘Listen Up! Ska’ Reggae Ska
CD/LP KSCD032/KSLP032 (Kingston Sounds)

The Paragons ‘Return’ Rock Steady/Ska
LP/CD RR00316LP/RROO316CD (Radiation Roots)

Colin Steele Quartet ‘Diving For Pearls – Jazz Interpretations Of The Pearlfishers Songbook’ Jazz
CD MA82CD (Marina Records)

John Stammers ‘Waiting Around’ Brit-Folk
LP WSD38LP (Wonderfulsound)

New Singles Releases:

Daphni ‘Face To Face/Tin’ Electronic
12” JIAOLONG019 (Jiaolong)

Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald present Borderland ‘Angles’ Techno
12” TRESOR296 (Tresor)

Naibu ‘Decay (feat. Jinadu) – Om Unit Remix/Just like You (feat. Key) – Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix’ Drum & Bass
12” HZNX10 (Horizons Music)

Terence Fixmer ‘Force EP’ Techno
12” O-TON106 (Ostgut Ton)

Mosca ’Don’t Take This The Wrong Way/Peyote Stitch’ Techno-ish
12” LIVITY026 (Livity Sound Recordings)

Javiera Gonzalez ‘The Beat Is On (inc Vilod Version)’ Electronic
12” FM010 (Foom)

Roger Taylor ‘Two Sharp Pencils (Get Bad)’ Electronic/Punk Funk/House
12” MFFV15015 (Music For Freaks)

Villa H2H ‘Villa H2H – Villalobos Remix’ House/Electronic
12” Perlon113 (Perlon)

Die Vogelperspektive ‘Talente’ House
10” Adub 034 (Adub)


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