New Albums & Singles Releases 14.07.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 14.07.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Various Artists ‘Kern Vol.4 mixed by DJ Stingray’ Techno/Electronic
2LP/CD KERN004LP/KERN004CD (Tresor)

Anton Kubikov ‘Whatness’ Ambient
CD Kompaktcd138 (Kompakt)

Jana Rush ‘Pariah’ Electronic/Experimental
CD OBJ006 (Objects Limited)

(Ghost) ‘Everything We Touch Turns to Dust’ Electronic/IDM
CD MD256 (n5MD)

Gridlok ‘Z3R0 H0U2’ Drum & Bass
CD BLCKTNL044CD (Blackout Music NL)

Keiji Haino ‘Watashi Dake?’ Improv/Acoustic/Avant-Garde
LP BE-000 (Black Editions)

Voyage ‘Genesis LP’ Drum & Bass
2LP TILP004 (Tech Itch Records)

Patricia ‘Several Shades Of The Same Color’ Techno
LP SPC-138-1 (Spectral)

Delroy Wilson ‘Here Comes the Heartaches’ Reggae
CD/LP KSCD067/KSLP067 (Kingston Sounds)

Various Artists ‘The Test Of Time’ Indiepop
2CD/3LP TURN50CD/ TURN50LP (A Turntable Friend)

Zwartjes ‘Tapes 1’ Soundtracks/Film Music
LP JBH065LP (Trunk)

Zakk Sabbath ‘Live In Detroit’ Heavy Rock/Metal
LP LORD242 (Southern Lord)

14 Iced Bears ’14 Iced Bears’ Classic Shoegaze/Indie
2LP OPT4.023 (Optic Nerve)

Maria Rita ‘Brasileira’ Singer-Songwriter/World/Latin
LP OMSD001 (Selva Discos/Optimo)

Andrew Belling ‘Wizards (1977 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP WW8 (Wyrd War)

Anthony Pasquarosa ‘Abbandonato Da Dio Nazione’ Ambient Guitar/Minimal

New Singles Releases:

Chip Tronic ‘Twisted Giblet’ Techno/Electronic/Experimental
12” STONEDWAVE006 (Stonedwave)

Kobosil ‘105’ Techno
12” O-TON105 (Ostgut Ton)

The Mole ‘I Love The Spicy Noodle, Man’ Techno/Minimal
12“ MT 008 (Maybe Tomorrow)

Archivist ‘Chutes And Ladders’ Techno
EP MRT-005 (Medical Records)

Martin Jenkins ‘Dance Cave’ Techno
EP MRT-006 (Medical Records)

Fonemi ‘Cosmopolis’ Techno/Experimental/Ambient
12” BWL015 (Blackwater Label)

Metro Skim ‘Identifying Possibilities ‘ Techno
12” 126D-02 [6dimensions]

Various Artists ‘An Introduction Part 1’ (Dimensions Recordings) House/Afro/Soul/Beats
12” DIREC001 (Dimensions Recordings)

Various Artists ‘An Introduction Part 2’ (Dimensions Recordings) House/Chicago/Deep House/Dub Techno
12” DIREC002 (Dimensions Recordings)

Various Artists ‘An Introduction Part 3’ (Dimensions Recordings) Dub Techno/Techno/Electro
12” DIREC003 (Dimensions Recordings)

Klon Dump ‘Klon Dump Versus The Open Air’ House
2×12” ACOLOUR005 (A Colourful Storm)

Marius Circus ‘Veggepysj Incl. Prins Thomas Remix)’ Nu Disco
12” ITG002 (In The Garden)


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