New Albums & Singles Releases 07.07.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 07.07.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Marc Romboy & Dortmunder Philharmoniker ‘Reconstructing Debussy’ Electronic/Classical
2LP/CD HYPE004/HYPE004CD (Hyperharmonic)

Various Artists ‘Eighty Eight – This Is Fokuz’ Drum & Bass
CD FOKUZ088CD (Fokuz Recordings)

Jacek Sienkiewicz “9702” Electronic/IDM
CD R-CD006 (Recognition)

Hybrid Minds ‘Elements’ Drum & Bass
2LP HMLP001 (Hybrid Music)

Rebolledo ‘Mondo Re-Alterado’ Electronic/Dark Synth Pop
3LP HIPPIEDANCE10LP (Hippie Dance)

The Mulholland Free Clinic ’The Mulholland Free Clinic’ Electronic
3LP AWAYLP001 (Away)

Ectopia ‘life/section’ Experimental/Electronic
LP WP001 (Wysing Polyphonic)

Deltawerk ‘Passages’ Electronic
4LP ATMV043 (Atomnation)

Homewreckers ‘Machinekiss’ Deep House/Funk
LP KKSLP001 (Kalakuta Soul)

Bruno Pronsato ‘US Drag’ Electronic
2LP FM012 (Foom)

DC Salas ‘ The Unspoken’ Electronic/Techno
LP BIOLP06 (Biologic)

Mat Chiavaroli ‘No Stranger To Madness’ Electronic
2LP QUINTESSE54 (Quintessentials)

Roots In Heaven ‘Petites Madeleines’ Electronic/Kosmische/Ambient
LP ZEHNIN03LP (Zehnin)

SQL ‘Sequel’ Techno/Electronic
2LP GEM050 (Gem)

Various Artists ‘Nie Wieder Streit Lehult ’ Electronic
2LP LHLT010 (Lehult)

Toro Y Moi ‘Boo Boo’ Alternative/Indie/Electronic
2LP/2LPX/CD CAK121LP/CAK121LPX/CAK121CD (Carpark Records)

Alpha Steppa ‘3rd Kingdom’ Reggae/Dub/Bass
Double CD ASCD006 (Steppas Records)

The Van Pelt “Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves” Classic Indie Rock
CASS/CD LC49CASS/LC49CD (La Castanya)

The Van Pelt “Sultans of Sentiment” Classic Indie Rock/Alternative
CASS/CD LC50CASS/LC50CD (La Castanya)

Nadia Reid ‘Preservation’ Folk/Singer Songwriter
LP BR002LP (Basin Rock)

Kenji Kawai ‘Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks/Ambient/Electronic
LP /LP+7” (LTD) WRWTFWW017/WRWTFWW017LTD (we release whatever the fuck we want)

New Singles Releases:

DJ Krust ‘Ivory Puzzle / Flip It’ Drum & Bass
12” DDD05T (Dom & Roland Productions)

Hybris & DLR ‘A New Tomorrow EP’ Drum & Bass
12” DIS108 (Dispatch Recordings)

I Hate Models/Vittorio Di Mango ‘Nigredo Edition’ Techno/Dance
12” K005 (Khemia Records)

Sebastopol ‘Gahalowood’ Techno
12” Kompakt 366 (Kompakt)

Octual ‘Untold Places EP’ Techno
12” Just This 015 (Just This)

Skudge ‘Circles/Tundra’ Techno
12” SKUDGE010 (Skudge)

Elekfantz ‘Blush’ Techno
12” D.O.C. 019 (D.O.C.)

Jacek Sienkiewicz “9799” Electronic/IDM
EP+CD RECOGNITIONEP039 (Recognition)

Chloe ‘The Dawn (Inc. Dixon Remix)’ Electronic/Techno
12” LN006 (Lumiere Noir)

Davis ‘Perle’ House
12“ Playrjc 046 (Live At Robert Johnson)

—Nilbog / Mr.Peña ‘7-Split’ Experimental/Noise/Gabber
7” PE-009 (Präsens Editionen)

Roots Crusaders `Children of the Father’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7045 (Partial Records)

Restless Mashaits feat. Scully Sims `Lion’ Reggae/Dub
7” PRTL7046 (Partial Records)


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