New Albums & Singles Releases 26.05.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 26.05.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Peverelist ’Tessellations’ Techno
CD/2LP LIVITY024CD/LIVITY024 (Livity Sound Recordings)

Dr. Lektroluv ‘Elektrik World’ Classic Electro/Electroclash
4CD LLCD15 (Lektroluv)

Superpitcher ‘The Golden Ravedays 5’ Techno
LP+DL TGR005 (Hippie Dance)

Iona Fortune ‘Tao Of I’ Ambient/World
LP OMLP10 (Optimo Music)

Constellation Botsu ‘ファカすっかもじゃんかよ’ Electronic/Experimental
CD HR013 (Haunter Records)

Christina Nemec Gerhard Potuznik Wolfgang Salomon ‘Venezia Blu’ Electronica
DVD TR162CD (Trost)

Final Cut ‘Deep Into The Cut’ Techno/Industrial
2LP WCEC012 (We Can Elude Control)

Pisetzky ‘Tears Of A Rough Machine’ Techno/Ambient
2LP JUSTTHIS014 (Just This)

Portable Sunsets ‘Order’ Electronic/Techno
2LP ATMV047 (Atomnation)

The Durutti Column ‘Domo Arigato Deluxe’ Post-Punk
3CD+DVD FBN52CD (Factory Benelux)

The Durutti Column ‘Domo Arigato v2.0’ Post-Punk
2LP+7” FBN52 (Factory Benelux)

Julie Byrne ‘Rooms With Walls and Windows’ Singer-Songwriter/Folk
CD BR003CD (Basin Rock)

Bola ‘D.E.G.’ Electronic
2LP/CD SKALP034/SKALD034 (Skam)

Nev Cottee ‘Broken Flowers’ Singer-Songwriter
LP/CD WSD37LP/WSD37CD (Wonderfulsound)

Aquarius Sounds ‘Dubbing at Aquarius Studios 1977-1979’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP JRCD066/JRLP066 (Jamaican Recordings)

Cornell Campbell ‘Ropin’ Reggae
LP/CD RR00307LP/RROO307CD (Radiation Roots)

The Como Mamas ‘Move Upstairs’ Gospel/R&B
LP DAP-045LP (Daptone Records)

Bamboo ‘The Dragon Flies Away’ Synth-Pop/Electronic
CD UTR088CD (Upset The Rhythm)

Amancio D’Silva ‘Integration’ Jazz Guitar/World Music
LP PHEON003 (Pheon Records)

The Pale Fountains ‘Something On My Mind’ Classic Indie
LP+CD TWI119 (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

Hiroshi & Claudia ‘Six To Six’ Disco Funk/Jazz/Rare Groove
LP NR016LP (The Roundtable)


New Singles Releases:
Satl & Malaky ‘A Minute After Always EP’ Drum & Bass
12” INT038 (Integral Records)

Kolsch ‘Speicher 97’ Techno
12” KOMPAKT EX 097 (Kompakt Extra)

Lady Starlight ‘Untitled’ Techno
12” SA030 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

D’Marc Cantu, Rival ‘Omega Red / Sustain’ Techno
12” DRONE010 (Drone)

Hironori Takahashi ’Gravitational Singularity EP’ Techno
12” SEANCE1203 (Seance)

Deepbass ‘Multiverse’ Techno
12” KONTRAFAKTUM003 (Kaos)

Nico Purman ’15/16/17’ Techno
12” GREENER007 (Greener)

Midnight Dicers And Samy Morpheus ‘Find A Place’ Electronic
12” INT034 (Internasjonal)

The Eden House ‘Verdades/Ours Again’ Goth-Rock
7” JUNG081 (Jungle)

Dirk von Lowtzow ‘I Want A Dog’ Indie/Pop
12 12BACH5 (Martin Hossbach)


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