New Albums & Singles Releases 19.05.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 19.05.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

T.Raumschmiere ‘Heimat’ Techno/Ambient

Fis and Rob Thorne ‘Clear Stones’ Electronic
CD SUBCD012 (Subtext Recordings)

Talamanca System ‘Talamanca System’ Balearic/House
CD IFEEL063CD (International Feel)

Aaron Dilloway ‘The Gag File’ Ambient/Experimental/Industrial
LP DAIS102LP (Dais Records)

Various Artists ‘Lifesaver Compilation 3’ Electronic
3×12“ PLAYRJC 045 (Live At Robert Johnson)

Clouds ‘Htid: Heaven-Sent Tekno Impakting Dancefloors, Or Hardcore Till I Die’
2LP EDLX053 (Electric Deluxe)

Liquid ‘Energy Flows’ UK Rave
3LP MMLP2EF (Music Mondays)

The Como Mamas ‘Move Upstairs’ Gospel/R&B
CD DAP-045 (Daptone Records)

Harvestman ‘Music For Megaliths’ Dark Folk/Drone/Psych
LP/CD NR105LP/NR105 (Neurot Recordings)

Millionaire ‘Sciencing’ Alternative/Rock
2LP/CD UNDAY063LP/UNDAY063CD (Unday Records)

The Van Pelt ‘Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves’ Classic Indie Rock
LP LC49LP (La Castanya)

The Van Pelt ‘Sultans of Sentiment’ Classic Indie Rock/Alternative
LP LC50LP (La Castanya)

King Jammys ‘At Channel 1 1977-1979’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP KSCD006/KSLP006 (Kingston Sounds)

Alton Ellis ‘Love To Share’ Roots Reggae/Lovers Rock
LP/CD RR00310LP/RROO310CD (Radiation Roots)

I-Roy ‘Can’t Conquer Rasta’ Reggae/Dub
LP/CD RR00311LP/RROO311CD (Radiation Roots)

Aggrovators ‘Rasta Dub 76’ Dub
LP/CD RR00312LP/RROO312CD (Radiation Roots)

Dennis Alcapone ‘Guns Don’t Argue’ Reggae
LP/CD RR00314LP/RROO314CD (Radiation Roots)

Me and the Bees ‘Menos Mal’ Indie Rock/Indie Pop
LP / CD LC51LP/LC51CD (La Castanya)

New Singles Releases:

Various Artists ‘Rogue Style EP’ Drum & Bass
12” DICA004 (Defrostatica)

Loicc ‘Get Myself To It’ EP Techno
12” CT006 (Cult Trip)

Daniele Baldelli ‘Cosmic Temple Chapter 5’ House
EP MGCT05 (Mondo Groove)

Daniele Baldelli ‘Cosmic Temple Chapter 6’ House
EP MGCT06 (Mondo Groove)

Marcos Cabral ‘Pest Control’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 213 (Mule Musiq)

Raam ‘Raam 006’ House/Acid
12” RAAM 006 (Raam Records)

Spiral Deluxe ‘Tathata’ Techno
EP AX074 (Axis)

Maelstrom ‘Her Empty Eyes’ Techno
2×12” RAAR006 (RAAR)

Unconscious ‘La Caduta Di Lucifero’ Techno
12” BWL014 (Blackwater)

Yotam Avni ‘Tehillim’ Techno
12” SA029 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Ø [Phase] ‘Submerged Metropolitan’ Techno
12” TOKEN71 (Token)

CTRLS ‘Routing’ Techno
12” TOKEN72 (Token)

SUMS ‘SUMS’ Electronic/Post-Rock
12” ATONAL004 (Berlin Atonal Recordings)

Benny Tones ‘Maybe In The Stars / Time’ Electronic
12” ADX011 (Airdrop)

The Como Mamas ‘Move Upstairs/Count Your Blessings’ Gospel-Funk
7” DAP1104 (Daptone)

Musai Soundworks / Alpha Steppa ‘Trigram Six’ Bass/Dub/Dubstep
10” TRIGRAM06 (Trigram)

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ‘With Monsters and Gods: The Singles’ Rockabilly/Ska
4×7” JUNG080PK1 (Jungle)

Yumi And The Weather ‘Distant Days / In The Night’ Electronic/Pop
7” MIOH001 (MiHoMi Records)


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