New Albums & Singles Releases 12.05.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 12.05.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Jonas Kopp ‘Photon Belt’ Techno
2LP TRESOR293 (Tresor)

brainwaltzera ‘aescoba ep’  IDM/Ambient
MINI LP FILM006 (Film)

Chmmr ‘Auto’ House/Space+Italo Disco/Baleraric
2LP /CD FPLP013/ FPCD013 (Full Pupp)

Miwon ‘Jigsawtooth’ Pop Ambient/Techno
LP/CD MD252LP/MD252 (n5MD)

Fis and Rob Thorne ‘Clear Stones’ Electronic
LP SUB022 (Subtext Recordings)

As If ‘Presence’ Ambient/Dub Techno
CD BINECD036 (Bine Music)

Max Loderbauer & Jacek Sienkiewicz ‘End’ Ambient/New Age/IDM
CD R-CD005 (Recognition)

Ichinen ‘Dual Craters’ Minimal/Electronic
CD LDRCD1 (Last Drop Records)

Aidan Baker & Karen Willems ‘Nonland’ Ambient/Experimental

Ectopia ‘life/section’ Experimental/Electronic
LP WP001 (Wysing Polyphonic)

Reboot ‘aLIVE’ House/Techno
2LP+Extensive Download GPMLP0152 (Get Physical)

Tim Engelhardt ‘ Moments Of Truth (Vinyl Edition)’ House/Techno
LP PFRLP36 (Poker Flat Recordings)

Hackney Colliery Band ‘LIVE’ Jazz/Rock/World
CD HCB003 (Veki Records)

Various Artists ‘Sing It High, Sing It Low : Tumbleweed Records 1971-1973’
Psychedelic/ Folk Rock/Singer-Songwriter
LP/CD LITA154LP/LITA154CD (Light In The Attic)

Glass Vaults ‘The New Happy’ Pop/Indie/Electronic
LP/CD MELO111LP / MELO111CD (Melodic Records)

White Sea ‘Tropical Odds’ Singer-Songwriter
LP/CD TWI1233/TWI1233CD (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

Pascal Comelade ‘Le Rocanrolorama Abrégé’ Alternative Rock/Soundtracks/Psychedelica/French
2LP+CD /CD BEC5156812/ BEC5156811 (Because Music)

Various Artists ‘Ciao! Manhattan Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ Soundtracks
CD CINE809CD (Cinewax/Light In The Attic)

dreissk ‘To Nowhere’ Epic Ambient/Post-Rock
CD MD257 (n5MD)

Crypt Rot ‘Embryonic Devils’ Death Metal/Punk/Hardcore
LP LORD237LP (Southern Lord)

Various Artists ‘A Tribute To Ramones: We’re A Happy Family ‘ Punk/Rock
2LP ETR055 (Enjoy The Ride)

Aura ‘Aura’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Jazz
LP AGSLP002 (Aloha Got Soul)

Aeolus ‘A Retrospective’ Hawaiian New Age/Electronic

2LP AGSLP003 (Aloha Got Soul)

The Playlist featuring Glenn Lewis ‘Chasing Goosebumps’ R&B/Funk/Hip Hop/Samba
2LP PM1001 (Playlist Music)

Ironing Music ‘Ironing Music ‘ Synth Pop
LP MED070 (Medical Records)

Eaters ‘Eaters’ Art-Rock
LP+DL DT017 (Dull Tools)

New Singles Releases:

Dillinja ‘End of Line / Acid Roller’ Drum & Bass
12” DDD03T (Dom & Roland Productions)

Homemade Weapons & MC Fokus ‘Chrysalis EP’ Drum & Bass
12” DIS102 (Dispatch Recordings)

Nymfo & Phase ‘Bristol Bombay EP’ Drum & Bass
12” DIS106 (Dispatch Recordings)

Juss B ‘Blow my smoke/Dime’ Dubstep
12” UALPS008 (Uprise Audio)

Vatican Shadow ‘Rubbish Of The Floodwaters’ Techno/Electronic
12” O-TON104 (Ostgut Ton)

Lucy ‘Cannon Fodder – DJ Sotofett’s Sound Clash Mix/Planetary Assault Systems Rework ‘

BNJMN ‘Paen’ Techno
12” TRCL1 (Tiercel)

Deapmash ‘Halcyon EP’ Techno/Electronic
12” LSR021 (Leisure System)

Underspreche ‘Symbiosis’ House
12” ENDLESS FLIGHT 78 (Endless Flight)

Matthew Herbert Feat. Zilla ‘Brand New Love – Special Request Remix’ Electronic
12” HYPE061 (Hypercolour)

Myles Serge ‘Walking Through Concrete EP (incl. Aubrey Remix)’ Techno
12“ MOC 014 (Made of Concrete)

Mono Junk ‘Disillusions’ Techno
12” SKUDGEW14 (Skudge)

Talamanca System ‘My Past Is Your Future’ Balearic
12” IFEEL062 (International Feel)

Mano Le Tough ‘Arganol ’N’ All’ House
12“ MAEVE 11 (Maeve)

Benny Tones ‘Maybe in the Starts/Time’ Electronic
12” ADX011 (Airdrop)

Kiani & His Legion ‘Lima Oscar Victor Echo EP’ House
12“ SoHaSo 012 [Something Happening Somewhere]

Robert Turman ‘Veiling Reflections’ Dark Ambient
cassette tape PE-008 (Präsens Editionen)

W. H. Lung ‘Inspiration!/Nothing Is’ Post-Punk/Krautrock/Alternative
10” MELO113 (Melodic Records)

Drahla ‘Fictional Decision’ Indie
7” TURN51 (A Turntable Friend)

Yum And The Weather ‘Distant Days/In the Night’ Electronic/Pop
7” MIOH001 (MiHoMi Records)

John Stammers ‘Waiting Around’ Folk/Alternative

Mike Lundy ‘The Rhythm Of Life/Tropic Lightning’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Downtempo
7” AGS7001 (Aloha Got Soul)

Mike Lundy ‘Nothing Like Dat Funky Music/Round and Around’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Downtempo
7” AGS7002 (Aloha Got Soul)

Aura ‘Magic Lover/Let Go, It’s Over’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Downtempo
7” AGS7003 (Aloha Got Soul)

Al Nobriga ‘My Last Disco Song/Break Away’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Disco
7” AGS7004 (Aloha Got Soul)

Aiko ‘Fly With Me/Time Machine’ Hawaiian /Japanese AOR
7” AGS7005 (Aloha Got Soul)

Rob Mehl ‘House On The Rock/Taste And See’ Hawaiian Soul/Funk/Downtempo
7” AGS7006 (Aloha Got Soul)

VIBRONICS meets CONSCIOUS SOUNDS ‘Blaze a Fire’ / ‘Hail Up’ Dub Reggae
10” SCOOP057 (SCOOPS Records)


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