New Albums & Singles Releases 14.04.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 14.04.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Ellen Arkbro ‘For organ and brass’ Electronic
CD/LP SUBCD011/SUB021 (Subtext Recordings)

Ezechiel Pailhes ‘Tout Va Bien’ Electronic/Downtempo/House
LP /CD CCS105 /CCCD019 (Circus Company)

Various Artists ‘Miracle Steps (Music from the Fourth World 1983 – 2017)’
Ambient/New Age/Leftfield
2LP OMLP09 (Optimo Music)

Various Artists ‘Air Texture Volume V – Selected By Spacetime Continuum and Juju & Jordash’
2CD AIR005 (Air Texture)

Various Artists ‘Schneeweiss 7 – Presented By Oliver Koletzki’
CD SVT188CD (Stil Vor Talent)

Nino Nardini ‘Musique Pour Le Future’
Musique Concrète/Early Electronic/Experimental/Library Music
LP WRWTFWW013 (we release whatever the fuck we want)

Scuba Death ‘The Worm At The Core’ Ambient/Drone
LP FUR114 (Further/USA)

The Crotches ‘Ein Ahot La Mifsaot’ Garage-Trash/Rock’n’Roll
LP GARZEN005LP (Garzen)

Bunny Lee Presents ‘Jamaican Rockers 1975-1979’ Reggae
CD/LP KSCD066/KSLP066 (Kingston Sounds)

Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 ‘Star Stuff’ Alternative/Psychedelic
CD CHI07CD (Company Records)

Teezy ‘Wanted By The Massive’ Roots Reggae
CD TWCD1006 (Tamoki Wambesi Dove)

Holly Throsby ‘After A Time’ Singer Songwriter
LP URA5032 (Spunk! Records)

Konami Kukeiha Club ‘Snatcher (Original Videogame Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP STS-020 (Ship To Shore)
New Singles Releases:

Dom & Roland ‘The Trap / Swarm’ Drum & Bass
12” DDD02T (Dom & Roland Productions)

Gemini ‘Le Fusion’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
12” 0005AD (Anotherday)

Nan Kolè ‘Malumz EP’ Electronic
12” ACRE067 (Black Acre)

Laurent Garnier ‘Speicher 95 – Tribute EP’ Techno
12” KOMPAKT EXTRA 095 (Kompakt Extra)

North Lake ‘Shimmer Land EP’ Techno
12” ELL040 (Ellum Audio)

Thomas Kunkel ‘Skento EP’ Techno
12“ GKNSTR 012/17 (GKNSTR)

Kutiman ‘White Monkey’ Cosmic Funk
7” SYL003 (Siyal Music)


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