New Albums & Singles Releases 10.03.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 10.03.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Jackie Edwards ‘Mr.Peaceful’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP KSCD065/KSLP065 (Kingston Sounds)

Darkest Hour ‘Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora’ Metal/Metalcore
LP/CD LORD239LP/LORD239 (Southern Lord)

Xiu Xiu ‘Forget’ Post-Punk/Alternative/Synth Pop
CD UTR091CD (Upset The Rhythm)

H-Burns ‘Kid We Own The Summer’ Alternative
CD BEC5156710 (Vietnam/Because Music)

Briqueville ‘II’ Metal/Sludge/Doom
LP ENI02LP (Brisk)

Four Tet ‘Morning/Evening’ Electronic
LP TEXT036LP (Text)

Silencer presents ‘Run The CD (re-release)’ Grime
CD TMCD002 (Teddy Music)

Kangding Ray ‘Hyper Opal Mantis’ Techno
CD SACD008 (Stroboscopic Artefacts)

Various Artists ‘Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Red Collection’ Nu Disco/Electronic Pop
2CD 541416508278 (Eskimo Recordings)

Xenophobia ‘Bring On The Rush’ Jungle/Drum & Bass/Old School
LP (2×12″ Vinyl) + CD XENO23LP (Xenophobia)

Deadbeat ‘Roots and Wire’ Dub/Techno
2LP BLKRTZ017LP (Blkrtz)

Will Guthrie ‘People Pleaser’ Noise/Electronics/Field Recordings
LP BLACKTRUFFLE027LP (Black Truffle)

RVDS ‘Shadows’ Electronic
3X12“ ITS014 (It’s)

Cooper Bowman ‘The Isle of Isms’ Experimental/Noise
C30 tape PRTLS011 (Portals Editions)

Circular Ruins ‘The Thorned Maze’ Experimental/Noise
C30 tape PRTLS012 (Portals Editions)

New Singles Releases:

Dom & Roland ‘Dubs from the Dungeons – ‘Aliens / Zodiak’ Drum & Bass
12” DDD01T (Dom & Roland Productions)

Skanna ‘The Joker / Roots’ Old Skool/Jungle
12” SKANNA006 (Skanna)

Ellis D & The Specialist ‘Nice Up Your Scene’ Old Skool/Jungle
12” WYHSX043 (White House Records)

Bay B Kane ‘Survival Techniques Vol.1’ Old Skool/Jungle
2×12” WYHSX046 (White House Records)

Dragon Fly ‘The Libra EP’ Old Skool/Jungle
12” WYHS017 (White House Records)

Lenny Dee ‘Potato Head EP’ Old Skool/Techno
12” RSN303 (Rising High Records)

Thunderhead ‘Lost In Time’ Old Skool/Jungle
12” TH01 (Thunderhead)

Secret Squirrel ‘Essential Squirrel Beats Vol 1’ Old Skool/Jungle
12” BOG24 (Bogwoppa Records)

Mark Barrott ‘Music For Presence’ Balearic
12” IFEEL060 (International Feel)

Roy Green & Protone ‘Why Don’t You EP’ Drum & Bass
12” SPEAR077 (Spearhead Records)

Xtrah ‘Disturbance EP’ Drum & Bass
2×12” DISXTEP001 (Dispatch Recordings)

Arcon 2 ‘Outpost / Lost Dimensions’ Drum and Bass/Electronic
12” ARC212001 (Arcon 2 Recordings)

Reinhard Voigt/Terranova ‘Speicher 94’ Techno/Tech House
12” Kompakt Extra 094 (Kompakt Extra)

Esteban Adame ‘Descendants EP (Juan Atkins & Tresillo Remixes)’ Techno
12” EPM015V (EPM)

The Criminal Minds (TCM) ‘Guilty As Charged’ Hip Hop
12” TCM1 (TCM Records)

The Criminal Minds ‘Tales From The Wasteland’ UK Hip Hop
12” TCMEP2 (TCM)


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