New Albums & Singles Releases 03.02.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 03.02.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Emika featuring Michaela Šrůmová and the Prague
Metropolitan Orchestra ‘Melanfonie’ Electronic/Neo Classical
CD/LP EMKCD03/EMKLP03 (Emika Records)

Black Flower ‘Artifacts’ Afro-Beat/Dub/Jazz

Isabelle Antena ‘Sous Influences’ Bossa Nova/Jazz
CD TWI1229CD (Les Disques du Crepuscule)

Krause ‘2am Thoughts’ Noise Rock
LP REPOSELP054 (Riot Season)

Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra ‘Jordan Ireland with Purple Orchestra’
Pastoral Psychedelia/Electronic/Singer-Songwriter
LP URA5020LP (Spunk!)

Mr Joseph ‘Inner Haze’ Drum & Bass
CD/12”+CD LV059CD/LV059 (Liquid V)

Aybee ‘The Odyssey’ House/Techno
CD DBRCD004 (Deepblak)

Andi Otto ‘VIA’ Electronic
CD PINGIPUNG53CD (Pingipung)

Basmala ‘Basmala’ Ambient Soul/Electronic/Abstract Hip-Hop/Left-Field
LP PER786 (Preservation Electronic Recordings)

Egyptrixx ‘Pure, Beyond Reproach’ Experimental/Drone
2LP HTRALP004 (Halocline Trance)

Dead Man’s Chest ‘Trilogy’ Jungle
Cassette RECIPETAPE001 (Ingredients Records)

New Singles Releases:

Dom & Fierce / Dom & Xanadu ‘Just Loop It / Ultraviolet’ Drum & Bass
12” DRP013 (Dom & Roland Productions)

Various Artists ‘Three Squared EP Volume One’ Drum & Bass
12” DUAD007 (Dust Audio)

Via Maris ’Swarm / Tempora’ Techno
12” 989YTIVIL (Livity Sound Recordings)

Iao ‘The One And Only’ Techno
12” D.O.C. 015 (D.O.C.)

Resoe ‘Matrix Sequence EP’ Dub Techno
Coloured 12” Echocord Colour 037 (Echocord Colour)

Auntie Flo ‘Remembrance EP’ House
12” Mule Musiq 210 (Mule Musiq)

Somatic Responses ‘RAAR005’ Electro/Techno
12” RAAR005 (RAAR)

E.Bias ‘The Emmanuel Bias EP’ Electronic/Techno
12” BEC5156671 (Kick & Clap/Because Music)

Die Wilde Jagd ‘Geisterfahrer’ Electronic/Electro
12” CORRESPONDANT 53 (Correspondant)

Oikos ‘The Great Upheaval’ Drone/Experimental
12” ENVLP19 (Envelope Collective)

Billy Mitchel ‘Electronic Dance (From The Walkabout Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
7” PM003SP (The Roundtable)



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