New Albums & Singles Releases 27.01.17


New Albums & Singles Releases 27.01.17. These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Various Artists ‘Chronic Rollers Vol. 3’ Drum & Bass
12” Vinyl + CD BBH036 (Chronic)

Various Artists ‘Chronic Rollers Vol. 3 – Mixed by L-Side’ Drum & Bass
CD BBH036CD (Chronic)

Tornado Wallace ‘Lonely Planet’ Electronic/Balearic
LP/CD RBLP09/RBCD09 (Running Back)

Jeff Mills ‘A Trip To The Moon’ Techno/Soundtracks
CD AXCD049 (Axis Records)

Caribou ‘Start Breaking My Heart’ Alternative
LP+CD BAY16VC (The Leaf Label)

Aybee ‘The Odyssey’ House/Techno
2LP DBRV030LP (Deepblak)

Superpitcher ‘The Golden Ravedays’ Techno
LP TGR001 (Hippie Dance)

Andi Otto ‘VIA’ Electronic
2LP PINGIPUNG53LP (Pingipung)

Lee Hazlewood ’13’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Country
LP/CD LITA142LP/LITA142CD (Light In The Attic)

Erasmo Carlos ‘Sonhos E Memorias 1941-1972’ Classic Pop-Rock
LP/CD LITA150LP/LITA150CD (Light In The Attic)

Erasmo Carlos ‘Erasmo Carlos E Os Tremendoes’ Classic Pop-Rock
LP/CD LITA148LP/LITA148CD (Light In The Attic)

Erasmo Carlos ‘ Carlos, ERASMO’ Classic Pop-Rock
LP/CD LITA149LP/LITA149CD (Light In The Attic)

Various Artists ‘THE BRITXOTICA! BOX – Three Amazing Albums Of Primitive Pop And Savage Jazz From The Wild British Isles!’ Britxotica

John Cameron And Frog ‘Psychomania – Original Soundtrack’ Soundtracks
LP JBH002LP (Trunk)

Triston Palmer ‘Stop Spreading Rumours’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP BSCD004/BSLP004 (Black Solidarity)

Brent Cash ‘The New High’ Sunshine Pop/Singer-Songwriter
LP/CD MA81LP/MA81CD (Marina Records)

VEXX ‘Wild Hunt’ Punk/Alternative
LP/CD UTR086LP/UTR086CD (Upset The Rhythm)

Loscil ‘Monument Builders ‘ Ambient/Electronic
LP KRANK204LP (Kranky)

Stone Alliance ‘Stone Alliance’ Jazz Fusion
LP TWM03 (Tidal Waves Music)

Various Artists ‘Amer (Colona Sonora Originale Del Film)’ Soundtracks
LP WRWTFWW012 (we release whatever the fuck we want)

Pino Donaggio ‘The Howling (1981 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
LP WW029 (Waxwork)

Ruin ‘He-Ho/Fiat Lux’ Punk/Hardcore
2LP LORD231 (Southern Lord)

Uniform Choice ‘Screaming For Change’ Classic Hardcore/Punk
LP LORD233LP (Southern Lord)

New Singles Releases:

Ulterior Motive ‘The Real EP’ Drum & Bass/Electronic
12” SHA114 (Shogun Audio)

Mako ‘The 101 EP’ Drum & Bass
12” DIS101 (Dispatch Recordings)

Dettmann/Klock ‘Phantom Studies’ Techno
2×12” O-TON100 (Ostgut Ton)

Pattern Repeat ‘PR 00/8’ Techno
12” Pattern Repeat 08 (Pattern Repeat)

Jun Kimata ‘Shape Of My Voice’ Techno
12” 0F0C5 (Forbidden Colours)

Clarian ‘Ankh EP’ House
12” Kompakt 356 (Kompakt)

Julian Stetter ‘Insides EP’ Pop
12“ PNN 18 (PNN)

Basil Kirchin ‘Silicon Chip’ Post-Punk Disco
7” TTT010 (Trunk)

Luca Nieri ‘Hummingbird / Milk & Honey’ Folk/Alternative
7” WSD34 (Wonderfulsound)

Strictly Sound feat. Derrick Parker ‘Long Night’ EP Reggae/Digital
12” CR12009 (Cubiculo Records)



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