New Albums & Singles Releases 18.11.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 18.11.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Psychemagik ‘Ritual Chants’ Psychedelic/Disco/Balearic/Folk Rock
3CD 541416507964 (Eskimo Recordings)

Clap! Clap! ‘Tayi Bebba’ Electronic/House/Footwork/Hip Hop
2LP ACRELP006OB (Black Acre)

Monoloc ‘The Untold Way’ Techno/Ambient
CD DYSTOPIANCD01 (Dystopian)

Cabanne ‘Discopathy’ House
CD MINIBAR042CD (Minibar Music)

Rido ‘Rhythm Of Life’ Drum & Bass
CD BLCKTNL034CD (Blackout Music NL)

Ola Kvernberg ‘The Mechanical Fair’ Modern Classical
2LP OLS016 (Olsen Records)

Steve Reich/Terry Riley ‘Six Pianos/Keyboard Study #1’ Modern Classical/Electronic/Jazz
CD FILMCD002 (Film)

Blessed Initiative ‘Blessed Initiative’ Electronic
CD SUBCD009 (Subtext Recordings)

Excel ‘The Joke’s On You’ Classic Thrash Metal/Crossover
CD LORD222 (Southern Lord)

Joe Mcphee & Raymond Boni ‘Live From The Magic City’ Free Jazz/Avantgarde
CD TR151 (Trost)

Joe Mcphee / Ingebrigt / Haker Flaten ‘Bricktop’ Free Jazz/Avantgarde
CD TR157 (Trost)
New Singles Releases:

Ulterior Motive ‘The Fourth Wall Remixes’ Drum & Bass
12” META044 (Metalheadz)

Photek ‘Natural Born Killa EP’ Drum & Bass
12” MET008 (Metalheadz)

Hidden Agenda ‘Is it Love? / On the Roof / The Flute Tune’ Drum & Bass
12” MET009 (Metalheadz)

Zero T ‘Ever Need (feat. Steo) / Plain As Day’ Drum & Bass
12” HZN097 (Horizons Music)

Oskar Offermann ‘ Le Grand To Do Remixed’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 207 (Mule Musiq)

Ricardo Villalobos & Oren Ambarchi ‘Hubris Variation’ Electronic
12” BLACKTRUFFLE024 (Black Truffle)

Chinaski ‘Ghost Rider’ Electronic/Synth/Soundtracks
12“ Playrjc 044 (Live At Robert Johnson)

Strategy ‘Tuff Life’ House
12” Endless Flight 76 (Endless Flight)

Luis Junior ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ Electronic
12 BWR017 (Best Works)

Istigkeit ‘Leather & Feather’ Techno
12” BWL012 (Blackwater)

Rrose ‘Arc Unknown’ Techno
12” INF-023 (Infrastructure)

Steve Bicknell ‘Modes Of Thought’ Techno
12” 126D-01 (6dimensions)

Bnjmn ‘MDCCLXXII ’ Techno
12” COUNTER008 (Counterchange)

Giuseppe Marra ‘Ver Sacrum ’ Techno
12” NFOB002 (New Forms Of Beauty)

Orion ‘Solaris EP’ Techno
12“ GKNSTR 011/16 (Gknstr)

Oscar Mulero ‘Hyperbolic Paths EP’ Techno
12” TOKEN64 (Token)

Somewhen ‘Null EP’ Techno
12“ UNTERTON10 (Unterton)

P.Noir ‘f 109’ Experimental
12” PE-007 (Präsens Editionen



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