New Albums & Singles Releases 28.10.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 28.10.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Heimer ‘Teilzeit Swag’ Electronic/IDM/Hip Hop
LP/CD TOM149LP/TOM149 (Tomlab)

Roman Flugel ‘All The Right Noises’ Ambient/Electronic/Minimal
CD DIALCD038 (Dial Records)

Mark Barrott ‘Sketches From An Island’ Balearic
2LP IFEEL029LP (International Feel)

Jimi Tenor ‘Saxentric’ Afro-Jazz
LP/CD (Herakles)

Vasco Alves ‘Volume II’ Electronic
CD WCEC13 (We Can Elude Control)

Rook Vallade ‘Vestiges’ Detroit Techno/Electro/IDM
2LP TB049 (Touchin’ Bass)

The Olympians ‘The Olympians’ Soul/R&B
LP/CD DAP-044LP/DAP-044 (Daptone Records)

Steve Hauschildt ‘Strands’ Ambient
LP/CD KRANK205LP/KRANK205 (Kranky)

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield ‘Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack’
LP JBH061LP (Trunk)

Mats Gustafsson / Christof Kurzmann ‘Falling and Five Other Failings’
Free Improvisation/Electronics/Avantgarde
CD TR154 (Trost)

Hermann Nitsch ‘Orgien Mysterien Theater – 25. Aktion’
Avantgarde/Classical/Improv/Free Jazz
LP CFX06 (Cien Fuegos)

New Singles Releases:

Fierce/Zero T ‘Always Something / Axis’ Drum & Bass
12” QRN2009 (Quarantine)

NDF (Bruno Pronsato & Benj of Benoit & Sergio) ‘Cruel Is The Color’ Techno
12” FM008 (Foom)

Nikakoi ‘Raise Your Head and Smell The Air’ Electronic/Ambient/Techno
12” TT004 (Transfigured Time)

Mark Barrott ‘Remixes From An Island’ Balearic
12” IFEEL059 (International Feel)

Kryss Hypnowave ’Endosphora EP’ Techno
12” SEANCE1201 (Seance)

Alfred Kopke ’Jack Have A Art EP’ Techno
12” SEANCE1202 (Seance)

Chaos In The CDB ‘ Subterranean Storm Ep’ House
12” MULE MUSIQ 206 (Mule Musiq)

Jaures ‘Blanke Helle’ Techno
12” MAGAZINE014 (Magazine)

Maayan Nidam ‘Deep Under Sobriety Regime’ House/Electronic
10” PERLON110 (Perlon)

Sven Kacirek ‘The Kenya Encores’ Electronica/World
7“ Pingipung 54 (Pingipung)

The Revolutionaires ‘2 Bad Bull Inna Dub’ Dub Reggae
10” PROJR10-3 (Jamaican Recordings)

The Aggrovators ‘The Search For Dub’ Dub Reggae
10” PROJR10-5 (Jamaican Recordings)


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