New Albums & Singles Releases 14.10.16



New Albums & Singles Releases 14.10.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

The Orb ‘COW/Chill Out, World!’ Ambient
LP +DL/CD Kompakt354/Kompaktcd134 (Kompakt)

Various Artists ’15 Years With Echocord’ Dub Techno/Electronic
2LP/CD Echocord71/EchocordCD15 (Echocord)

Shifted ‘Appropriation Stories’ Electronic/Techno
2LP/CD HOS-470/HOS-470CD (Hospital Productions)

Phaeleh ‘Illusion of the Tale’ Electronic
CD UNDRTW004 (Undertow)

Terrence Dixon ‘From The Far Future ‘ Classic Detroit Techno
2LP+7” TRESOR141 (Tresor)

Starfuckers ‘Sinistri’ Drum & Bass
2LP PAR011 (Parachute)

Benoit Pioulard ‘The Benoit Pioulard Listening Matter’ Singer-Songwriter/Acoustic
LP/CD KRANK203LP/KRANK203 (Kranky)

Various Artists ‘Skinhead Reggae 1969’ Reggae
CD/LP KSCD064/KSLP064 (Kingston Sounds)

The Gentle Good ‘Ruins/ Adfeilion’ Folk
CD/ LP BWR027CD/ BWR027V (Bubblewrap)

Betty Davis ‘The Columbia Years 1968-1969’ Soul-Funk
LP LITA135LP (Light In The Attic)

Steaming Coils ‘Breaded’ Art-Rock/Avant-Pop
LP+7” MR-061 (Medical Records)

Bernard Fevre ‘Orbit Ceremony 77’ Electronic/Disco
LP MR-062 (Medical Records)

Camberwell Now ‘The Ghost Trade’ Post Punk
LP MCR921 (Modern Classics Recordings/Light In The Attic)

Camberwell Now ‘The EP Collection’ Post Punk
LP MCR922 (Modern Classics Recordings/Light In The Attic)

Opposite Sex ‘Hamlet’ Post-Punk/Art-Pop
LP+DL DT016 (Dull Tools)

Starship Commander Woooo Woooo ‘Mastership’ Classic Electronic Funk
LP LER1005 (Left Ear Records)

New Singles Releases:

Alix Perez & Zero T ‘The Ladders / Enemy Of Reason’ Drum & Bass
12” DISDUB005 (Dispatch Dubplate)

Surgeon ‘Bland Ambition’ Techno
12” DTR011 (Dynamic Tension)

Peter Kruder ‘Boxer 100’ House/Techhouse
12” Boxer 100 (Boxer Recordings)

Various Artists ‘The Lost Tracks 3’ House/Techno
12” DIAL 073 (Dial)

Uriah Klapter ‘Hashomer’ Techno
12” CORRESPONDANT 51 (Correspondant)

Maelstrom, Louisahhh ‘RAAR004’ Techno
12” RAAR004 (RAAR)

Andres Aguirre ‘Last Call’ Deep House
12” 0F0C4 (Forbidden Colours)


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