New Albums & Singles Releases 07.10.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 07.10.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Dom & Roland ‘Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel’ Drum & Bass
CD/3LP METACD008 / METALP008 (Metalheadz)

Monolake ‘VLSI’ Electronic
CD ML-032 (imbalance computer music)

Various Artists ‘Skinhead Reggae 1969’ Reggae
CD/LP KSCD064/KSLP064 (Kingston Sounds)

Jane And Barton ‘Jane And Barton’ Indie-Folk
10” MLP+CD OPT4.020 (Optic Nerve)

The No Sorrows ‘The No Sorrows’ Psych-folk
LP KB004 (King Bill)

New Singles Releases:

Hydro & War ‘Afflicted / Virtuality’ Drum & Bass
12” HZN095 (Horizons Music)

Asusu ’Hallucinator’ / ‘Sendak’ UK Techno
12” LIVITY020 (Livity Sound Recordings)

Barker & Baumecker ‘Love Hertz / Cipher’ Techno
12” O-TON99 (Ostgut Ton)

Various Artists ‘Broken Promises Part 2’ Techno
12” Just This 010 (Just This)

youANDme ‘Sinus | Cosinus EP’ Techno / Minimal
12” OLGA 006 (Olga)

Joakim ‘Daemon EP’ Tech House
12“ LAD028 (Life & Death)

John Tejada ‘Timebomb’ Tech House
12” PAL-067 (Palette Recordings)

Eduardo De La Calle ‘Magnectic Transducer Ep’ House/Techno
12” MM203 (Mule Musiq)

Kator ‘Connor Single’ Footwork / Drum and Bass / Jungle
12” DICA001 (Defrostatica)

Kator ‘Getstacked EP’ Footwork
12” DICA002 (Defrostatica)

UltraNet ‘Enter the Ultranet’ Bass-Grime-Drum & Bass
12” RDBS043 (Rogue Dubs)

Thee J Johanz ‘Kambo (Roland Klinkenberg)’ House
12” BALL101 (Ballyhoo Records)

Thee J Johanz ‘Vivian’ House/Acid
12” BALL102 (Ballyhoo Records)

Metaboman ‘Exhaust EP’ Minimal
12” MK 048 (Musik Krause)

Stellar Wind/DSC ‘Search the Skies / Lovers Fall’ Minimal / Tech House
12” PN003 (Planetary Notions)

Sista Habesha / Sistah Awa ‘Jah Voice’ Reggae/ Dub/ Steppers
7” AS7004 (Steppas Records)


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