New Albums & Singles Releases 23.09.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 23.09.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Mutated Forms ‘Holograms’ Drum & Bass
12” & CD SPEAR073 (Spearhead Records)

Mutated Forms ‘Holograms’ Drum & Bass
CD SPEAR073CD (Spearhead Records)

Manuel Gottsching ‘E2-E4 – 2016 – 35th Anniversary Edition’ Classic Electronic
LP/CD MG.ART904/MG.ART424 (Mg.Art)

Manuel Gottsching ‘Inventions For Electric Guitar’ Classic Krautrock/Space Rock/Ambient/Proto-Techno

Ash Ra Tempel ‘Le Berceau De Cristal’ Classic Krautrock/Kosmische
LP MG.ART132 (Mg.Art)

Gemini ‘Imagine – A – Nation’ House/Deep House/Techno/Chicago House
2LP 0004AD (Anotherday)

Various Artists ‘Shir Khan Presents Dancing & Romancing’ House/Techno/Disco
2CD Box + DL EXPDR01 (Exploited Recordings)

Tangent ‘Collapsing Horizons’ Deep Ambient
LP/CD MD248LP/MD248 (n5MD)

Neurosis ‘Fires Within Fires’ Post-Metal/Hardcore Punk
LP/2LP/CASS/CD NR102-33/NR102-45 /NR102-CS/NR102 (Neurot Recordings)

Forma ‘Physicalist’ Krautrock/Kosmische/Ambient
2LP/CD KRANK202LP/KRANK202 (Kranky)

Eros And The Eschaton ‘Weight Of Matter’ Psychedelic Rock/Alternative
LP/ CD BRN243LP/BRN243CD (Bar None)

Madeira  ‘Bad Humors’ Synth Pop
LP/CD CAK116LP / CAK116CD (Carpark)

The Shaggs ‘Philosophy Of The World’ Proto-Punk/Outsider Pop
CD LITA151CD (Light In The Attic)

Lies ‘Abuse/Plague’ Hardcore /Punk
CD LORD225 (Southern Lord)

The Lucid Dream ‘Compulsion Songs’ Psychrock
CD HAY009CD (Holy Are You)

Fis ‘From Patterns to Details’ Electronic
CD SUBCD008 (Subtext Recordings)

Fis ‘From Patterns to Details’ Electronic
LP SUB018 (Subtext Recordings)

MoRkObOt ‘GoRgO’ Extreme Metal/Alternative
LP/CD CAT018LP/ CAT018 (Supernaturalcat)

Jim Dickinson ‘Dixie Fried’ Classic Singer-Songwriter/Blues/Folk
CD FDR623CD (Future Days Recordings/LITA)

Alpha & Omega / Ras Tinny ‘No Beginning No End’ Reggae/ Dub/ Steppers
LP A&O2016 (Steppas Records)

Blown Out ‘New Cruiser’ Heavy Psychedelic Rock
LP REPOSELP053 (Riot Season)

Eric Serra ‘Leon : The Professional (1994 Original Soundtrack)’ Soundtracks
2LP WW021 (Waxwork)

New Singles Releases:

Dom & Roland ‘Last Refuge Of A Scoundrel Sampler 2’ Drum & Bass
12” METALP008LTD (Metalheadz)

DLR / DLR & Total Science ‘Thinking About Tomorrow / On The Edge’ Drum & Bass
10” DISLTD025 (Dispatch LTD)

Red Axes ‘Caminho De Dreyfus’ Indie Disco
12” Correspondant 50 (Correspondant)

Sano ‘Los Muchachos’ Techno/Electro
12” Comeme 034 (Comeme)

Nautiluss ‘Reflections EP’ Techhouse
12” SPC-136 (Spectral)

Red Axes ‘Bubble Cat’ House
12” Endless Flight 75 (Endless Flight)

Raam ‘Raam 005’ House
12” Raam 005 (Raam Records)

Dennis Bovell ‘Heaven’ Disco/Dub
12” OMD 08 (Optimo Music)

Emanuele Rizzuto ‘Hand Made Illusions’ Techno
12” KPT005 (Kapvt Mvndi)

Jonathon Kusuma ‘Automatone’ Techno
12“ Cliche 065 (I’m A Cliche)

DJ Tennis ‘Convex’ Techno
12” OMDP002 (Omnidisc)

Family Fodder ‘Sex Works’ Post-Punk
7” JUNG079 (Jungle)



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