New Albums & Singles Releases 16.09.16



New Albums & Singles Releases 16.09.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

Noisia ‘Outer Edges’ Drum n Bass
CD VSN025CD (Vision Recordings)

Various Artists ‘La Torre Volumen Uno’ Balearic
2LP/CD HLTR001LP/HLTR001 (Hostel La Torre Recordings)

Utah Jazz ‘The Music Factory’ Drum & Bass
CD SPEARLTD027 (Spearhead Records)

Krisztian Dobrosci ‘Playback Philosophy’ Techno/Electronic
2LP/CD KX18/KXCD02 (KX Records)

Elektro Guzzi ‘Clones’ Techno

Various Artists ‘Sunset Hours Vol.3 (Compiled By Simon Mills)’ Chill-Out/Balearic
CD SLM004C (Secret Life)

¾ Had Been Eliminated ‘Speak To Me’ Instrumental Improv/Psychedelia/Electroacoustic
LP BLACKTRUFFLE023LP (Black Truffle)

Len Leise ‘Ing’ Electronic/Dub
LP GP001 (General Purpose)

These Hidden Hands ‘Vicarious Memories’ Electronic
LP HH007 (Hidden Hundred)

Betty Davis ‘The Columbia Years 1968-1969’ Soul-Funk
CD LITA135CD (Light In The Attic)

The Shaggs ‘Philosophy Of The World’ Proto-Punk/Outsider Pop
LP LITA151LP (Light In The Attic)

Delia Derbyshire and Elsa Stansfield ‘Circle Of Light – Original Electronic Soundtrack’ Electronic/Soundtracks
LP JBH061LP (Trunk)

Lee Moses ‘Time And Place’ Soul/Funk/R&B
LP FDR630LP (Future Days Recordings/LITA)

The Billy Childish ‘The 1982 Cassetes’ Garage-Punk

Cowtown ‘Paranormal Romance’ Post Punk/Art Rock/Garage Punk
LP HS009 (Hot Salvation/The Audacious Art Experiment)

New Singles Releases:

Fierce/Zero T ‘Scatter / Inhibitor’ Drum & Bass
12” QRN2008 (Quarantine)

Walton ’Gunman / Caught In A Trip’ Grime/Dubstep/Techno
12” TEC094 (Tectonic)

Boredom ‘Geometry’ Electronic / Disco / House
12” MELO106 (Melodic)

Holm CPU ‘Fotspur’ Nu Disco
12” OLS015 (Olsen Records)

Phillipi & Rodrigo ‘Mantra/New Beach’ Electronic
12” DEEWEE 017 (Deewee)

Black Spuma ‘Onda’ Balearic
12” IFEEL057 (International Feel)

Abrao ‘Abrao’ New Wave/Electronic
12” GARZEN003 (Garzen)

Auntie Flo ‘Reverence’ Tech House
12” MULE MUSIQ 204 (Mule Musiq)

Johnny Lumiere and The Triads ‘Bagman’ Tech House
12“ MT 007 (Maybe Tomorrow)

Danny Kotz & Avi Caspi ‘Reject EP’ Techno
12“ MOC 011 (Made of Concrete)

Dax J ‘Illusions Of Power’ Techno
12” EDLX051 (Electric Deluxe)

Sigha ‘Christ Figures/New Puritan’ Techno
12” TOKEN63 (Token)

Devianza ‘Il Mare Di Capalbio’ Techno
12” BWL000 (Blackwater)

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion ‘Jackson’ Rockabilly/Ska
7” JUNG077 (Jungle)

Dubble feat. Earl 16 ‘Sign Of The Times’ Dub Reggae
10” DTR004 (Dub Tunnel Records)

Vibronics feat Jah Marnyah ‘Tralalalala’ Dub Reggae
10” SCOOP054 (Scoops Records)

Vibronics feat Splitz Horns ‘Glorify’ Dub Reggae
10” SCOOP055 (Scoops Records)

Danny Red `False Preacher Man’ Reggae / Dub
7” PRTL7033 (Partial Records)

El Indio `Do You Remember’ Reggae / Dub
7” PRTL7034 (Partial Records)


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