New Albums & Singles Releases 19.08.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 19.08.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK. New Albums Releases:

Anders Broby ‘Nihil’ Ambient/Drone
CD GZH65DP (Gizeh)

CFCF ‘On Vacation’ Balearic/Ambient/New Age
LP IFEEL051 (International Feel)

Wolf Muller & Cass. ‘The Sound Of Glades’ Balearic/Ambient/New Age
LP IFEEL054 (International Feel)

Markus Wormstorm ‘Figure In Field’ Leftfield
LP MAX031 (M=Maximal)

Johnnie Frierson ‘Have You Been Good To Yourself’ R&B/Gospel
LP/CD LITA127LP / LITA127CD (Light In The Attic)

Lee Moses ‘Time And Place’ Soul/Funk/R&B
CD FDR630CD (Future Days Recordings/LITA)

V/A ‘Kingston Allstars Meet Downtown at King Tubbys 1972-1975’ Dub Reggae
CD/LP KSCD002/KSLP002 (Kingston Sounds)

The Cakekitchen ‘World Of Sand’ Classic Post–Punk/Alternative
LP DAIS086LP (Dais)

The Cakekitchen ‘Time Flowing Backwards’ Classic Post–Punk/Alternative
LP DAIS091LP (Dais)

Body Of Light ‘Let Me Go’ Dark Synth Pop
LP DAIS087LP (Dais)

New Singles Releases:

Need For Mirrors ‘LVRS EP’ Drum & Bass
12” HZN093 (Horizons Music)

Terence Fixmer ‘Beneath The Skin EP’ Techno
12“ O-Ton 097 (Ostgut Ton)

Pussy Mothers ‘The Number 1 EP’ Disco Junk Funk
12“ OM 36 (Optimo Music)

CFCF ‘On Vacation Remixes’ Balearic/Ambient/New Age
12” IFEEL056 (International Feel)

Daniele Baldelli ‘Cosmic Temple Chapter 1’ House
EP MGCT01 (Mondo Groove)

Daniele Baldelli ‘Cosmic Temple Chapter 2’ House
EP MGCT02 (Mondo Groove)

Split Secs ‘Corduroy City’ House
12“ MT 006 (Maybe Tomorrow)

Yes Set ‘Wolfgang’ House/Electronic
12” GLYK1 (Glyk)

Terranova/Stereo MCs ‘Connected In Dub’ Electronic
12” CONNECTED 004 (Connected)

Sha-La-Das ‘Those Years Are Over/Open My Eyes’ Contemporary Soul
7” DAP1098 (Daptone)

The Budos Band ‘Maelstrom/Avalanche’ Psych-Rock/Afro-Funk
7” DAP1099 (Daptone)



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