New Albums & Singles Releases 05.08.16


New Albums & Singles Releases 05.08.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

London Elektricity ‘Are We There Yet? (The Med School Scans)’ Drum & Bass
CD // LP colour vinyl + CD MEDIC60CD/MEDIC60LP (Med School Records)

John Frusciante ‘Foregrow’ Electronic
MLP ASD027COL (Acid Test (Absurd))

Kuf ‘GOLD’ Electronic

The 7th Plain ‘Chronicles I’ Classic Ambient/Techno
2LP A-TON LP01 (A-Ton)

Neonlight ‘My Galactic Tale’ Drum n Bass
CD BLCKTNL030CD (Blackout Music NL)

Various Artists ‘Decima’ Techno
Cassette BWD010 (Blackwater)

Slo Burn ‘Amusing The Amazing EP’ Classic Stoner Rock
EP/CD CARGOLP34/CARGOCD34 (Cargo Records)

Masters Of Reality ‘Reality Show’ Classic Hard Rock/Stoner/Psychedelic
LP/CD CARGOLP40/CARGOCD40 (Cargo Records)

Rattle ‘Rattle’ Post-Punk/Percussive Avant-Rock
CD UTR082 (Upset The Rhythm)

Milo Scaglioni ‘Simple Present’ Psych-Folk
CD aA2w/070 (Akoustik Anarkhy)

Arashi (Sakata/Berthling/Nilssen-Love) ‘Semikujira’ Free Jazz/Avantgarde
LP TR146LP (Trost)

Schlippenbach Trio ‘First Recordings’ Free Jazz
LP TR132LP (Trost)

Full Blast ‘Risc’ Free Jazz/Free Improvisation
2LP TR148LP (Trost)

Chris Corsano/Massimo Pupillo ‘Via Combusta’ Free Improvisation/Noise/Avantgarde
LP TR144LP (Trost)

Trade Wind ‘You Make Everything Disappear’ Post-Hardcore
LP EHLP22 (End Hits)

Pierre Omer’s Swing Revue ‘Swing Cremona’ Jazz/Gipsy/Swing
LP +CD/CD VRLP1296/VRCD96 (Voodoo Rhythm)

New Singles Releases:

Beta 2 ‘The Beats Inbetween EP’ Drum & Bass
12” METHPLA021 (Metalheadz)

Fierce/Zero T ‘Expose / Clandestine’ Drum & Bass
12” QRN2007 (Quarantine)

Nitri ‘Enough’s enough (feat. DRS) / Poltergeist (feat. SENSE MC) / Torment’ Drum & Bass
12” LIMITED HZN092 (Horizons Music)

Emika ‘Forever Never’ Electronic
12” EMK1203 (Emika Records)

Appleblim ‘Minus Degree’ Techno/Electronic
12” TEMPA110 (Tempa)

Fabror Resande Mac ‘Atalanta/Vi Over Manhatten’ Electronic
12” MAMBO003 (Horisontal Mambo)

Frankey & Sandrino ‘Leap’ House
12” Mule Musiq 202 (Mule Musiq)

Christian S ‘Six Million Bassdrums Later’ House
12” Comeme 033 (Comeme)

Javi Redondo ‘Hammocks Go West’ Techno
12” Correspondant 49 (Correspondant)

Centry Meet The Music Family `Release the Chains’ Reggae / Dub
10” PRTL10012 (Partial Records)

Jazzfinger ‘Beachy Head’ / ‘Moroccan Car Park (D. Harwood Remix)’ Drone / Abstract / Noise
7” DIST23 (Distraction Records)




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