New Albums & Singles Releases 01.07.16



New Albums & Singles Releases 01.07.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK. New Albums Releases:

SCAR ‘The Orkyd Project’ Drum & Bass
CD/ 2LP METACD009/METALP009 (Metalheadz)

Mark Barrott ‘Sketches From An Island 2’ Balearic/Electronic
2LP/CD IFEEL055LP/IFEEL055CD (International Feel)

Effeto Joule ‘Mechanic Soldier’ New Wave/Synth Pop
LP MR-059 (Medical Records)

Severed Heads ‘Stretcher’ Post-Punk/Synth Pop
2LP MR-060 (Medical Records)

Various Artists ‘Heartworn Highways – Original Soundtrack’ Outlaw Country
2LP/CD LITA146LP/LITA146CD (Light In The Attic)

Stephen Steinbrink ‘Anagrams’ Singer-Songwriter/Alt-Pop
LP/CD MELO108LP/MELO108CD (Melodic)

Terry ‘Terry Hq’ Lo-Fi Punk/Indie-Rock
LP/CD UTR084LP/UTR084 (Upset The Rhythm)

Various Artists ‘Britxotica Goes East! : Persian Pop and Casbah Jazz From The Wild British Isles!’ Exotica/Soundtracks
LP JBH059LP (Trunk)

Paul Zaza ‘My Bloody Valentine (1981 Original Score)’ Soundtracks
2LP WW022 (Waxwork)

Iskra ‘Ruins’ Thrash/Metal/Anarcho
CD LORD227 (Southern Lord)

Paranoid ‘Satyagraha’ Hardcore Punk/Metal
LP LORD223LP (Southern Lord)

Annette Peacock ‘I’m The One’ Singer-Songwriter
LP FDR601 (Future Days Recordings/Light In The Attic)

Vince DiCola ‘The Transformers: The Movie’ Soundtracks
2LP INT3006 (Intrada)

High Water ‘Crush’ Singer Songwriter/ Folky Electronica
LP OP043 (Other People)

New Singles Releases:

Jeff Mills ‘The Domino Effect’ Techno
12” AX071 (Axis Records)

Vitalic ‘Film Noir’ Techno
12” Correspondant 47 (Correspondant)

Christian Morgenstern ‘Remixes 4/8’ Techno
12” KSQ042 (Konsequent)

Planetary Assault Systems ‘Planetary Funk 22 Light Years Series (Part 1)’ Techno
12” MOTE046 (Mote Evolver)

Hybrid Minds ‘Touch feat. Tiffani Juno’ Drum & Bass
12” HM001 (Hybrid Music)

Kalyma ‘Lay Down’ Tech House
12” Connected 006 (Connected)

Tin Man, Jozef K & Winter Son ‘Acid Test 11’ Acid
12”+MP3 ASD028 (Acid Test(Absurd))

The Analog Session feat. Alexander Robotnick & Ludus Pinsky ‘N5 From Outerspace/Funfare’
MLP MRT001 (Medical Records)

Derivatives ‘Forwards, Futures and Options’ Techno/Electronic
EP MRT002 (Medical Records)

Todd Terje & The Olsens ‘Dan Tyler Remixes’ Electronic/Nu Disco
10” OLS013DT (Olsen Records)

Todd Terje & The Olsens ‘The Big Cover Up’ Electronic/Nu Disco
2×12” OLS013 (Olsen Records)

Vaghe Stelle ‘The Full Stream Ahead : The Prologue’ Electronic/Techno
EP OP041 (Other People)

Dead Fader ‘It Works 1’ Electronic/Techno
12” Par 010 (Parachute)

Miles From Kinshasa ‘IVRY / KAYA’ Electronic/Synth/R&B
7” : ONE001 (One Time Recordings)

Ketev ‘I Know No Weekend’ Experimental / Noise
12” LP w/ screen printed matte sleeve PRTLS006 (Portals Editions)

Project01 ‘Planet01EP’ House
12” Endless Flight 72 (Endless Flight)

Dave Aju ‘Rock The Mounts’ Minimal
12“ Musik Krause 47 (Musik Krause)

Naram and Art feat Tonto Irie ‘No Friend Fi Dem” Reggae/Digital
7” CR7005 (Cubiculo Records)


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