New Albums & Singles Releases 17.06.16







New Albums & Singles Releases 17.06.2016 These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK. New Albums Releases:

Kutiman6AM’ Psychedelic Funk

LP (Black) /LP (Clear) SYL002/SYL002 (Siyal Music)

Les Halles ‘Transient’ Ambient/New Age


Khunnt ‘Failures’ Avant-Rock

LP REPOSELP051 (Riot Season)

Various Artists ‘Philly Blunt – The Album’ Drum & Bass

CD PB026CD (Philly Blunt Records)

Various Artists ‘Infrastructure Facticity’ Techno/Acid

4×12”/cd INF-022/INF-CD002 (Infrastructure)

Dani Siciliano ‘Dani Siciliano’ House/ Electronic-Pop

LP+MP3 Download/CD CCS102 /CCCD018 (Circus Company)

New Singles Releases:

SCAR ‘The Orkyd Project Sampler’ Drum & Bass

12” METALP009S (Metalheadz)

Various Artists ‘MethLab // 2’ Drum & Bass

2×12” BT051 (Bad Taste Recordings)

Phil Tangent ‘Drawing You EP’ Drum & Bass

12” INT033 (Integral Records)

T Kode & Lunatik ‘Tunnel’ Post Techno

12” BWL007 (Blackwater)

In Aeternam Vale / Bronze Teeth ‘Vernal Equinox Edition’ Techno

12” K001 (Khemia Records)

Jimpster ‘Eel Pie Island Remixes’ Techno

12“ SYST0112-6 (Systematic)

Rubini ‘Run’ Techno

12” DEGU 021 (Degustibus Music)

Fred und Luna ‘Gluck Auf’ Electro/Kraut

12“ OM 34 (Optimo Music)

Random Gods ‘Genezon.avi EP’ Electronic/Industrial

12” DN007 (Danse Noire)

C.A.R. & Red Axes ‘Car Axes’ Electronic

12“ KILL THE DJ 44 (Kill The DJ)

Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot ‘L’Esprit De L’Escalier Remixes’ Electronic/Techno

12“ TRAUM V200 (Traum)

Emmanuelle ‘L’uomo D’affari’ / ‘Italove’ Electronic/Italo

12” DEEWEE 015 (Deewee)

DJ Tennis ‘Divisions Chirality’ House

12“ LAD027 (Life And Death)

Super Furry Animals ‘Bing Bong’ Super Furry Pop

12” STR030 (Strangetown)

Terry ‘Talk About Terry’ Lo-Fi Punk

7” UTR074 (Upset The Rhythm)

Jah Bunny Feat. Sonny Binns ‘A Jah Do It’ Reggae / Dub

7” PRTL7032 (Partial Records)


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