New Albums & Singles Releases 29.10.12


New Albums & Singles Releases 29.10.12

These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

New Albums Releases:

01. Neurosis ‘Honor Found In Decay’ (Neurot) Epic Atmospheric Rock/ Heavy Rock Limited CD/ Standard CD
02. The Secret ‘Agnus Dei’ (Southern Lord) Metal CD
03. Fontanelle ‘Vitamin F’ (Southern Lord) Avant- Rock/ Funk/ Jazz LP/CD
04. Menahan Street Band ‘The Crossing’ (Daptone Recordings) Cinematic Instrumental Funk/Soul
05. The Cults Percussion Ensemble ‘The Cults Percussion Ensemble’ (Trunk) Percussion/ Evelyn Glennie LP/CD
06. Lost Harbours ‘Hymns & Ghosts’ (Liminal Noise Tapes) Avant Folk CD
07. Various ‘Listen Up! – DJ Style (Kingston Sounds) Reggae LP/CD
08. Twinsistermoon ‘Bogyrealm Vesssels’ (Handmade Birds) Drone/ Psych- Folk CD
09. Theologian ‘Finding Comfort In Overwhelming Negativity’ (Handmade Birds) Dark Ambient/ Power Electronics/ Noise/Industrial
10. Borngraber & Struver ‘Clouds’ (M=Minimal) Modern Classical/ Ambient LP
11. ADSR ‘Tempest’ (Radio Bongo) Modern Classical / Experimental / Electronic Mini LP + CD
12. Minamo + Lawrence English ‘A Path Less Travelled’ (Immune) Ambient/ Drone LP
13. Glacial ‘On Jones Beach’ (Three Lobed Recordings) Ambient/Drone/ Psych/Doom/ Improv LP
14. Horseback ‘Impale Golden Horn’ (Three Lobed Recordings) Drone/ Metal/ Dark/ Ambient LP
15. Gunn- Truscinski Duo ‘Ocean Parkway’ (Three Lobed Recordings) Folk/ Psych/ Raga/ Rock LP
16. Bardo Pond & Tom Carter ‘4/23/03’ (Three Lobed Recordings) Drone 2LP +CD
17. Rhyton ‘The Emerald Tablet’ (Three Lobed Recordings) Psych/ Leftfield LP
18. Krallice ‘Krallice’ (Gilead Media) Black Metal 2LP
19. Mutilation Rites ‘Empyrean’ (Gilead Media) Black Metal LP
20 Barghest/ False ‘Split LP’ (Gilead Media) Black Metal LP
21. Audio ‘Soulmagnet’ LP (Virus Recordings) Drum & Bass CD/2×12″
22. Various ‘The Other Side’ (Symmetry Recordings) Drum & Bass CD
23. V/A ‘Medical Mix (Mixed by Joe Syntax) (Med School Music) Drum & Bass CD
24. Andy Stott ‘Luxury Problems’ (Modern Love) Techno/House CD
25. Gudrun Gut ‘Wildfire’ (Monika Enterprise) Electronic LP/CD
26. Hey-O-Hansen ‘We So Horny-Serious Pleasure Riddims’ (Pingipung) Electronic/Dub/Techno CD
27. Vatican Shadow ‘Ornamental Walls’ (Modern Love) Techno/ Leftfield/Industrial LP

New Singles Releases:

01. Mutilation Rites ‘I am Legion’ (Gilead Media) Black Metal 12″
02. Hell/ Thou ‘Resurrection Bay’ (Gilead Media) Doom 7″
03. Future Cut ‘Obsession Remix (Ulterior Motive Remix) (Razors Edge) Drum & Bass 12″
04. Need For Mirrors ‘Vimana & Snubnose’ (Playaz Recordings UK) Drum & Bass 12″
05. Original Sin ‘Mad World EP’ (Playaz Recordings UK) Drum & Bass 2×12″
06. Amit ‘Killer Driller/ Colour Blind Feat. Rani’ (Metalheadz) 12″
07. Teddy Killerz ‘New Drums/ Double Thinking’ (Bad Taste Recordings) Drum & Bass 12″
08. Gantz ‘No Faith / Catalyst’ (Box Clever) Dubstep 10″
09. Kolombo ‘Don’t Be Shy’ (Kompakt) Tech House 12″
10. Sven Kacirek ‘Scarlet Mix Dreams’ (Pingipung) Electronic 12″
11. The M.E.B ‘Dead Faces EP’ (Let’s Play House) House 12″
12. Maxime & Remain ‘Ghoulish’ (Throne Of Blood) House 12″
13. Need For Mirrors ‘War On Drugs /Videodrome (Feat. Zero T)’ (FTM) Drum & Bass 12″
14. Beta 2 ft Pete Josef/ Zero T ‘Love Finds Me/ Red Hand’ (CIA Deep Kut) Drum & Bass 12″
15.  S_W_Z_K ‘Variant & Empires EP’ (Tresor)Techno 12″

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