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S_W_Z_K  ‘S_W_Z_K’

Beatportal Interview:
Words By Ken Taylor

Summing up the collected works of Swayzak is no small feat. Suffice it to say that in the late ’90s, the former duo of James Taylor and David “Brun” Brown flipped tech-house on its ear with some genre-defining records like Snowboarding In Argentina and later Dirty Dancing. Last year, though, Taylor decamped to work on his own productions, and Brown decided to carry on, albeit with a slightly abridged moniker. As S_W_Z_K, Brown has just released a new LP on the Berlin-techno standard-bearer Tresor. Fortunately, for fans of both the label and the Glasgow duo’s storied back-catalog, Brown’s proper solo outing is something of a force to be reckoned with.

Lead-off track ”31 Techniques” is a muscly but deep slice of techno in the classic sense, replete with an insistent pulse, a subdued bassline, and some dubby FX to keep the crowd rapt. The other nine tracks here follow suit, offering plenty of purist techno for the club atmosphere. So what gear did Brown use to build these dancefloor slayers that make up S_W_Z_K? Here he tells us about some of his favorite go-to machines.

My Roland SH-09 analog synthesizer

It’s a classic monosynth from early ’80s, similar to an SH-101 but with older styling. I walked into a secondhand shop in Glasgow early ’90s, where this was nestling amongst the guitars. Another guy started playing it and I bought it within minutes. It sounded like it was from another planet at the time—bleeps and bass tones. I used this on every album we did since 1998. Sadly, I sold it recently to fund my existence, but sampled most of its sounds beforehand! I usually process it with some delay and reverb, but this time I used it with a cheap Alesis vocoder to get this effect of growling bassline on ”The Last Drop.” (Click here to read on)

Electronic Beats Interview:
Words by Moritz Schmall

British duo James Taylor and David Brown begat the project Swayzak, releasing two albums of charming tech-house. But last summer Taylor left the duo to pursue his own projects, leaving Brown as the sole Swayzak survivor. The good news is that today Tresor Records is about to unveil S_W_Z_K , Brown’s own solo effort and worthy successor to the (reformatted) name.

1. Your most memorable show?
I cant remember most of them. It’s mostly the bad ones that stick in the mind, but there have been some great ones like in Loop (Tokyo, 2003). I guess Tokyo is always the goal and to get there and play and ride the trains, buy the gadgets, was a major thing. Lots of smiling faces, camera phones and V signs, great fun. Perfect shows are another thing. We did a few in the USA in 2004 that were pretty damn good, playing as a four-piece band of all things. Then we never did it again after that—too much stress!

2. is any aspect of fame important and if yes, why’s that?
Not really. I like to be normal (I work in a bike shop five days a week ). I guess its nice to be complimented on the music occasionally, but that’s not fame. Fame is Hollywood and acting, in the famous way, movie stardom. I’m actually rarely in awe of a star, I’ve met a few and been to a few interesting parties but I treat them just as they should be treated, normal! (Click here to read on)

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