SpectraSoul Interview:: KMag (Posted By Rico)


SpectraSoul Interview :: KMag

SpectraSoul ‘Delay No More’
(Shogun Audio Recordings)

KMag Interview with SpectraSoul:
Words By Sam Oliveira.

After crashing into the scene back in 2008 with a highly regarded debut release on Critical, SpectraSoul have forged a reputation for producing consistently deep and soulful dance floor fillers, enabling them to establish a strong working relationship with Friction and his Shogun Audio label.

After many years the label’s patience and faith in the Brighton based pair has been rewarded with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, the fittingly named Delay No More. In the wake of the album launch party in which they took their first steps into live performance and their forthcoming gig at Shogun Audio’s residency at Cable in London on August 11, we talked to the pair about the experience and the process of making this broadly influenced album.

The title Delay No More is an obvious reference to the amount of time we’ve been waiting for this debut album. Why has it taken so long? Does it stem from production perfectionism, which on a positive note I think is evident in the crispness of this album?
It has taken us longer than expected to get this album into the public realm! The main reason is that we’ve both had other commitments over the past couple of years and we wanted, before we delved too far into the writing process, to be sure that we could fully commit to the task and delegate enough time to it. The title hints more at the mentality we adopted when we knuckled down to it. We wanted to get this done and done well. There was no time to waste.

One thing that was certainly worth waiting for are those lush rolling sub lines, how much time do you dedicate purely to these elements?
We dedicate a lot of time to all the elements within our music. That isn’t to say that it takes us a lot of time to write tracks. Basically we write a lot of music and even if a track ends up on the scrap heap, on reflection, we know that we have gained something from the experience of writing it. Sometimes a track will be written in one session (Ish Chat for example), and sometimes it may take a few more visits over the course of a few months, i.e. The Curb. (Click here to read on)

1. No Doubt
2. Light In The Dark ft. Terri Walker
3. Ish Chat
4. Sometimes We Lie
5. The Curb
6. Knuckle Waltz
7. Away With Me ft. Tamara Blessa
8. Fool’s Paradise
9. Buggin’
10. S.O.U.R. ft. Echo Park
11. Memento
12. Shackles ft. Fox
13. Shoestring

“Amazing…reminds me of early massive attack.” Sub Focus
“Supremely soulful, classy, tasteful and mature.” DJ Mag
“DnB’s worst kept secret.” Friction, BBC Radio 1

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