New Albums & Singles Releases 16.07.12


New Albums & Singles Releases 16.07.12

These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

(in no particular order)

New Albums Releases:

01. Enabler ‘All Hail The Void’ (Southern Lord)  Metal/ Punk CD
02. Johnny Ace ‘Ace’s Wild’ (Fantastic Voyage) R&B Blues 2 CD
03. Various Artists ‘Doo Wop: The Rock & Roll Vocal Group Sound (1957 – 1961)’ (Fantastic Voyage) Rock ‘n’ Roll 3CD
04. Various Artists ‘Screaming And Crying’ (Fantastic Voyage) Rock ‘n’ Roll 3CD
05. Martin Campbell & Hi-Tech Roots Dynamic ‘Rootsman’ (Log On) Reggae CD
06. Burning Love ‘Rotten Thing To Say’ (Southern Lord) Heavy Rock/ Hardcore Punk LP
07. Martyrdöd ‘Paranoia’ (Southern Lord) Metal/ Crust LP
08. Plant And See ‘Plant And See’ (Paradise Of Bachelors) Swamp- Psych LP
09. oFF Love ‘My Love For You…Probably Love’ (M= Maximal) Bedroom R&B/ Witch House/ Dark Disco CD
10. Fingers In The Noise ‘Sounds From The Moon’ (Bine Music) Electronic CD
11. Chymera ‘Death By Misadventure’ (Connaisseur Recordings) Electronic CD
12. Peter Zummo ‘Zummo With An X’ (Optimo Music) Electronic/ Leftfield Pop LP

New Singles Releases:

01. Audio ‘Fall Back/ Rust’ (Renegade Hardware) Drum & Bass 12″
02. Anile/ Krakota ‘Extinction Of Kind/ Redirection’ (Ingredients Records) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Break ‘Rare Earth/ Dreader’ (CIA Deep Kut) Drum & Bass 12″
04. Savage Rehab ‘Desrie/ The Drums’ Drum & Bass 12″
05. T>I/T>I & Dominator ‘Freak/ Dark Age’ (Innerground Records) Drum & Bass 12″
06. Team Doyobi ‘Digital Music Volume 1’ (Skam) Electronic 12″
07. From Ashes Rise ‘Rejoice The End/ Rage Of Sanity’ (Southern Lord) Punk/Metal 7″

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