Capitol K :: Andean Dub Reviews (Posted By Harry)

Capitol K

Capitol K

Capitol K :: Andean Dub Reviews.

Capitol K ‘Andean Dub’
Leftfield Pop
(Faith & Industry)

The Skinny :: 5 Star Review
written by Sam Wiseman.

“…The use of acoustic guitar samples on stripped-down pieces like Huayno brings the LP close to traditional South American folk territory, but for the most part Robinson is too hyperactive for the kind of subtlety and space that such an approach requires; Andean Dub is, at its core, a psychedelic and dancefloor-oriented record, revelling gleefully in a riot of colour and rhythm. This may be new ground for Robinson, but he stakes it out with the same rare enthusiasm and assuredness that characterises earlier releases.”

Nu Cumbia Experience
Written By El Guero Unico

…”From the very beginning Capitol K draws us in with Celestial, soft, sweet and short it introduces the listener to the emotional experience soon to be had. The cumbia digitalness starts strong right away from Yo Tarzán, tú Jane all the way through to the end…Andean Dub is filled with sonic surprises, some pleasant and ethereal and some more aggressive like with White Steal. There is a lot of Andean huayno influence throughout and is especially strong in the title track Andean Dub. Here Capitol K has managed to bring a strong and effective digital Andean cumbia experience from the traditional Andean sounds into the age of electronic music…”

Dazed Digital Interview with Capitol K

Kristian Craig Robinson as Capitol K has traversed a spectrum of electronic aesthetics over 13 years and five albums through output on labels like Planet Mu, XL & Faith & Industry. Besides working as a studio engineer for Atlas Sound, Aerial Pink and tune-yards, he’s played live in Domino Records’ The Archie Bronson Outfit and has also co-produced the new album from Joe Gideon and The Shark. A legend in contemporary electronica, Capitol K’s genre-mashing musical explorations has culminated in his sixth album, entitled ‘Andean Dub’ inspired by a road trip covering over 7000km of South America through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Meeting musicians and collecting instruments all over, the trip allowed him to explore the burgeoning alternative club scene of Buenos Aires, leading to a series of live shows with Brazilian artist Cibelle.
(Click here for the rest of the interview plus a mix for Dazed Digital)

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