Advance Base in MOJO (Posted By Harry)

Advance Base::4 Star Review :: Advance Base in MOJO::

Advance Base 
‘A Shut-In’s Prayer’
Leftfield Pop/Singer -Songwriter

Advance Base Lead Review
4 Stars.
Written By Andrew Male

Full review is available in MOJO’s August issue.

“..Now after a three year break, he’s back under a different name, his world unadorned once more. Recorded in the rehearsal room of the Chicago Public Library, A Shut-In’s Prayer begins with Summer Music, Ashworth singing over simple drum machine rhythms and Rhodes 54 electric piano, about a girl in a summer dress- “half a beer/ And her hair a mess” who now “Lives upstate with a family/ I’m here at the same address…”

As its title suggests, this is an album of interiors, the childhood memories and small epiphanies of stay-at-home dreamers…escaping into the past; not to memories of anything great, just memories of something different….”


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