Taragana Pyjarama on XLR8R (Posted By Harry)

Taragana Pyjarama

Taragana Pyjarama on XLR8R.

Taragana Pyjarama
‘Tipped Bowls’

XLR8R Feature
Words By Glenn Jackson

“Nick Eriksen was all of 19 years old when his first foray into the production world, under the guise of Eim Ick, garnered a good deal of praise for its handful of summery, dance-worthy beats. But Eriksen eventually got over this initial burst of “hype,” as he calls it, and became a bit frustrated, feeling that the majority of the attention Eim Ick had received was too focused on his age, and not as much on his music. Taragana Pyjarama was born from this frustration, as Eriksen sought to shift the focus back to his talent as a burgeoning producer, throwing a single tune, “Girls,” up on a MySpace page under his newly minted mouthful of a handle. Through the magic of the internet, the track landed in the hands of French label Fool House, and an impressive debut EP followed. Now, the Copenhagen resident is in the midst of taking his next step as a producer, adjusting his aims slightly for his debut full-length—a massively expansive journey through dense soundscapes and intricate synthesizer lattices for the ubiqitious Kompakt imprint.

Growing up just 20 minutes outside of central Copenhagen, Eriksen took a shine to music at a fairly young age, at first picking up a guitar, then trying his hand at drums, and eventually pursuing some classical theory training. But eventually, he came to the realization that all those avenues just weren’t for him, and a growing interest in electronic music (Eriksen points to names like James Holden and Four Tet as early inspirations) coincided with some poor grades in his music theory course. He explains, “Arranging notes and all that wasn’t really for me, so I thought I’d just do it on a computer. Just make a whole track by myself, so I wouldn’t have to involve all the other people that didn’t care about what I liked anyway.” Following the necessary regimen of learning how to produce music on a computer and a lengthy period of exploratory experimentation, Eriksen eventually landed on a sound somewhere between glistening, warm electronics and subtle, sophisticated techno—an aesthetic that came into its own in the spring of last year with his self-titled EP for Fool House…(Click Here to Read More)

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