New Albums & Singles Releases 04.06.12

New Albums & Singles Releases 04.06.12


These releases are available from all good independent record stores in the UK.

(in no particular order)

New Album Releases:

01. Seven ‘Evolution’ (Black Box) Dubstep CD
02. Seven ‘Evolution’ (Black Box) Dubstep 3 x 12″

03. Laid Back ‘Cosyland’ (Brother Music) Classic Electronic/ Electro MLP/ MCD
04.  Robert Rodriguez ‘Dawn’ (Serenades) House/ Funk/ Electronic CD
05. DJ Hell ‘Teufelswerk House Remixes Part 2’ (Gigolo) House/ Electronic CD
06. Dave Aju ‘Heirlooms’ (Circus Company) Electronic/ Blissed-Out-Funk 2LP
07. David Thor Jonsson ‘Improvised Piano Works #1’ (Radio Bongo) Leftfield/ Contemporary Classical LP
08. El_Txef_A ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’ (Fiakun)+ Electronic 2xLP
09. Anywhere ‘Anywhere’ (ATP Recordings) Psych-Rock/Acid Punk LP/CD
10. Philm ‘Harmonic’ (Ipecac) Avant-Punk/Metal CD
11. Volcano! ‘Pinata’ (The Leaf Label) Leftfield Pop LP/CD
12. Advance Base ‘A Shut-In’s Prayer’ (Tomlab) Leftfield Pop/ Singer-Songwriter LP/CD
13. Bob Chance ‘It’s Broken’ (Trunk) Leftfield Post-Disco LP/CD
14. Mr Fogg ‘Eleven’ (Kicking Ink Records) Leftfield Pop/ Electronic CD
15. Michael A Grammar ‘Vitamin Easy’ (Melodic) Indie/ Alternative LP
16. Lark ‘I Don’t Got’ (Care In The Community Recordings) Leftfield Pop/ Alternative LP
17. Pyramids ‘Magpie & Raven’ (Aurora Borealis) Noise/ Doom/ RockRock LP

New Singles Releases:

01. TC ‘No One/ Tap Ho (Taxman Remix) (Don’t Play) Drum & Bass/ Drumstap 12’

02. Cern/ Cern + Sabre ‘Raven Row / Far Fetched’ (Horizons Music) Drum & Bass 12″
03. Blokhe4d ‘Bang The Drum/ Distant’ (Bad Taste) Drum & Bass 12″

04. Command Strange ‘Road Rage/ Without You’ (Guinea Pig Records) Dubstep 12″

05. Matt- U ‘Wipe Em Out/ Uncontrolled’ (Black Box) Dubstep 12″
06. Truth ‘Dreams/ Last Time’ (Tempa) Dubstep 12″
07. Various ‘Moving On/ Bolts’ (Various UK) Dubstep/ Bass/ Techno/ Electronic Soul 10″
08. Roska ‘Rinse Presents: Roska 2: 12″ Number One (Rinse) UK Funky/ Grime/Dubstep
09. Fantastic Mr Fox ‘San’en EP’ (Black Acre) Post Dubstep/House
10. Walls ‘Coracle Remixe’ (Kompakt) Electronic 12″
11. Maestro ‘Timbuck’ (Tigersushi) Electronic Pop 7″
12. Crackboy ‘Evil Empire EP’ (Tigersushi) Electronic EP
13. Tall Firs ‘The Crooked Smiles Single’ (ATP Recordings) Leftfield Pop/ Alternative 7″
14. Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang ‘An Letah’ (True Panther Sounds) Bubu/ Highlife/ Electronic 12″
15. Lemonade ‘Neptune’ (True Panther Sounds) Leftfield Pop 12″


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