Solace Records Interview with Clubroot (Posted By Rico)

Clubroot Solace

Clubroot 'Scars/Hellion' (Solace Records)

Solace Records Interview with Clubroot.

An interview from Solace Records with Dan Richmond.

Clubroot Interview:

Q: Tell us who you are, and briefly describe your “sound” and what you do.

DR: My name is Dan Richmond, I’m 27 years old, residing in St Albans UK, and I produce melodic bass music. I would describe my sound as being Organic, Euphoric and Lo-Fi.

Q: How long have you been making music for and what got you into the ‘’Dubstep” scene?

DR: I left school and started experimenting with Music production around 2003 while at College. At the time I wasn’t taking it too seriously. Most days generally consisted of getting stoned and messing around with a load of breaks and dodgy samples in an ancient version of Logic. It was quick and easy, but also quite unfruitful. It wasn’t until 2006 in which I started taking it a bit more seriously – trying to hone a sound that I wanted to develop and expand on.

Q: What are your major influences in music and what inspires you to write tracks?

DR: It’s always the same answer to this one, and I don’t think it will ever change. Life in general is pretty much my main inspiration. I will always try and inject a little emotion into my tracks, and that will vary in mood – depending on how I feel at the time.

Q: How do you feel the “Dubstep” scene is developing now and where do you see it heading in the future.

DR: I think that word has become quite blurred over the last few years. Dubsteps rise into the charts has introduced a lot of new listeners to what they think (or what they’re being told) Dubstep is, when in fact it’s something completely different to what Dubstep was and is in my eyes. The thing to remember is that so much has come out of that original Dubstep sound – good and bad. Sounds have split off and shifted in form. Some of the off-shoot sounds I rate, some I don’t. Up until now it’s given birth to so many little niche sounds and styles that it’s impossible to see what the future holds, I just hope that people stay true to what they’re making, and the reasons for doing what they’re doing.

Q: Who are your favourite artists in the scene currently?

DR: I’m pretty bad when it comes to following the scene as such. But there are a few producers making some fantastic music right now – Sunchase, Klātu, Hiatus, ESSÁY, Ghostek, Delete, Irrelevant. Too many to mention!

Q: You’ve recently just finished your 3rd L.P, tell us how you went about making it and the theme you had if any?

DR: Well the 3rd L.P is the final instalment in the Trilogy, so there is a slight continuation on in theme from the previous two albums. I would say this new L.P is slightly darker, and a little bit more moody and to the point – so maybe that reflects the temperament I’ve had for the last year or so. The process of making this 3rd L.P was very much like the others. I’ll start off with a handful of tracks – some works in progress, and some that were close to finishing. Then it’s a case of myself and Jon AD (LoDubs label owner) looking at what we have, maybe developing certain tracks, maybe dropping a few – and of course there are always late entries that can just help tie an L.P together.
*What label is you L.P coming out on and when is it dropping?

DR: The Album is dropping on LoDubs and is due for Vinyl & CD release on the 7th of May 2012, with a digital release following a week or so after that.

Q: Your first single on Solace is due out soon; can you give us some more insight into the tracks and what they mean to you?

DR: Yeah it’s a special one for me as it’s my first 12” release on a new label, and of course it’s a real honour to be given the ‘001’ for Solace. The tracks were the last 2 tunes I ever made using my older studio setup of Logic 5.5 on the PC, so they kind of mark the end of a technological era for me in quite a nostalgic way. Both tracks sway slightly more towards the club side of things, in comparison to my more chilled out stuff. I’ve been playing them out for over year now, and they always seem to go down well.

Q: Do you have any plans and goals set for the rest of the 2012 year?

DR: Not particularly. I will give the production side of things a little rest for a while, and recharge those creative batteries. Who knows what will happen next.

Q: Any shout-outs or special mentions you would like our viewers to know about?

DR: Yeah a massive shout to all involved with the Solace Label, in particular Jamie & Tom. There are some fantastic releases on the way! So keep ’em peeled.


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